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  22 February 2021 By Dan Ellacott

Unfair Terms Challenged!!

UPDATE!!!Are caravan park owners breaching consumer protection laws? (PART 2) - YouTubeUse this link to watch tonight! A really significant movement is developing for our industry and you all have the ability to get involved! On Wednesday e

  28 July 2020 By Dan Ellacott


From the 15th July 2020, until 12 January 2021, the VAT rate for hospitality and tourism businesses has been cut from 20% to 5%, which means that restaurants, hotels and certain attractions will be able to reduce their tax on certain items.

  04 June 2020 By Dan Ellacott

Pitch Fee Refunds at UK Holiday Parks

Whilst we have been a little quite across our social media platforms and on our blog over the last couple of weeks that does not mean that we haven’t been doing anything.

  16 April 2020 By Dan Ellacott

Pitch Fees & Coronavirus...

We know that people have concerns about paying their pitch fees and meeting other financial obligations in relation to their holiday homes.

  19 March 2020 By Dan Ellacott

NACO & Covid-19 (coronavirus)

So, it seems that social distancing and self-isolation is paramount whilst not forgetting to look after our older generation too.

  03 May 2019 By Dan Ellacott

Advice: Relocation After a Sale

A common issue that our team has dealt with this year is relocation following a private sale of their holiday caravan.

  25 August 2018 By Dan Ellacott

Advice: Winter Weather

Winter weather? What? We’re having a heatwave….

  10 April 2018 By Dan Ellacott

Advice: Residential Usage

As I’m writing this, we’re still in the throes of dealing with a substantial number of claims relating to freezing water in pipework and boilers up and down the UK.

  13 March 2018 By Dan Ellacott

Advice: Length of Licence

Maybe surprisingly, one aspect of the agreement between a park operator and caravan owners Is the “term” of the agreement or the length of the licence.

  23 February 2018 By Dan Ellacott

Advice: Re-Opening Your Caravan for Spring...

With more and more parks extending their seasons, the good news is that many of us only need be away from our holiday homes for a short while - but whether you have been away from your park for just a couple of weeks or for those of us that still have a l

  02 February 2018 By Dan Ellacott

Advice: Life's a Pitch!

One of the many appealing elements of owning a static holiday caravan or lodge on a holiday park is the associated pitch, which will have been chosen for a variety of reasons.