The last few years have been tumultuous for many, and the pandemic certainly made us all re-assess our priorities and look at how we want to spend our time going forward. While we don’t want to keep going on about the post covid fall-out and mental shift, the fact is that it has had a mental and emotional impact on nearly all of us

None of us wants to worry about what lies ahead either, so that’s the very reason many have taken the decision to future proof their lives one way or another where possible.

Park home living
From a residential park home perspective, that may be why park home living is more popular than ever. Having a good old clear out and downsizing can be mentally and physically liberating, and it’s well-known that an uncluttered environment can be good for your well-being. But it’s more than that. Living on one level is also beneficial for anyone whose knees or hips are starting to creak, or who simply might need to take it easier without a huge amount of home and garden maintenance to plough through.

It might even be the opposite and you want more time to walk, cycle, swim, play golf, fish or keep active one way or another. While most want to keep relatively active as long as possible, maybe their priorities will shift to relaxing or enjoying themselves outside of the home, visiting new holiday destinations and treating family members a bit, too. Releasing a bit of equity by downsizing can help make things a bit more comfortable financially so you can actually enjoy your retirement or semi-retirement. Plus, you’ll be safe in the knowledge that you won’t have to endure the hassle of moving again, unless you want to!

Choosing the right park
When choosing your park, think about how it will match your needs in ten or twenty years time. Does it have steep inclines or steps to an area you may want to get to, is there a bus stop nearby in case for any reason you can’t drive, and a shop and doctor’s surgery within easy reach? Are your family within easy reach if they want to visit you? Although you may be fully mobile now and able to drive, it might make your life less of a challenge in future if things change for you. Let’s face it, very few of us know exactly what is round the corner so it’s worth making sure you’ll be happy there whatever the future holds!

In summary
So, the park home lifestyle is as popular as ever, and after a period of consolidation the manufacturers are clearly back out at shows with fresh, new and innovative models to tempt us all into taking that leap of faith we know will deliver a brand new lifestyle, with all the benefits that come with it!

There will also be like-minded residents on parks, so whether you think you will socialise with them before you move, the chances are that you will in one way or another. Although it may not be relevant when you first move to a residential park, when you get older it’s actually quite reassuring for your family to know you have a bit of a social life, even if it’s only saying hello as you potter around the park, and that others would notice pretty quickly if there was something amiss. Modern park homes also appeal to a younger buying demographic than they used to, as they look and feel like contemporary, hi-tech apartments in many cases.

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  Published on 25 September 2023 By Jenny Blumsom