A Coastal Gem Bathed in Sunshine

Tenby, located on the Pembrokeshire coast, is a picturesque walled town known for its sandy beaches, medieval history, and sunny disposition. This coastal gem is a favourite among those looking for a blend of history, culture, and seaside relaxation.

Why Tenby?

Tenby's charm lies in its colourful harbour, historic town walls, and beautiful beaches, all basking in generous amounts of sunshine. The town's climate makes it a delightful place for beachgoers, history buffs, and anyone looking to enjoy the coastal lifestyle. For static caravan owners, Tenby offers a scenic retreat with the warmth of a welcoming community.

Picture of a static caravan park in winter

Seaside Activities and Historical Exploration

Whether it's taking a boat trip to Caldey Island, exploring the town's medieval walls, or simply enjoying a day at the beach, Tenby offers a variety of activities that make the most of its sunny weather. The town's beaches, including North Beach and Castle Beach, are perfect for sunbathing, swimming, and enjoying the sea views.

A Vibrant Community with a Rich Heritage

Tenby's community is vibrant and full of life, with festivals and events throughout the year that celebrate its heritage and culture. The Tenby Arts Festival and the Ironman Wales event are just a couple of examples that bring the town together. Owning a static caravan in Tenby means being part of a community that takes pride in its town and enjoys the sunny lifestyle it offers.


  Published on 27 May 2024 By Jenny Blumsom