PANORAMA – The Mobile Home Swindle


If you missed this, it’s certainly worth a watch.


Whilst the program does feature some residential parks, there is also a good delve into residential mis-selling and miss-use at holiday parks.


We have regularly concluded that this is the most untold story of our industry. When things go really wrong at a holiday park, and you’ve got nowhere else to go, the implications are serious - and it’s going on up and down the whole of the UK.


Trying to pin down how widespread the ‘issue’ actually is can be problematic as – by its nature – the whole thing is somewhat ‘under the radar’.


We have recently had numerous problems within our home district as the local council have had a drive on council tax where it’s not possible for holiday caravan owners to evidence an alternative UK residence.


I’m sure the public won’t disagree that holiday caravan owners living in their caravans should be liable for council tax, although it does create some problems, and these often aren’t easily remedied for the individuals affected.


Terminations by the park owner are common when it’s established that people are paying council tax, even though in 9 out of 10 of the enquiries that we receive the park or salesperson are complicit in the arrangement. (That’s not to say that the caravan owner didn’t know either – it’s clear from many of the enquiries that we have dealt with that the holiday caravan owner was given the correct information about the park but as it’s often delivered with a nudge and a wink, or with the softener that ‘everyone lives here most of the time’ it suppresses the warning signs.)


Many have been duped completely and didn’t know until they’d moved in and finally received their paperwork.


Some know the deal completely, but perhaps have no choice.


We’ve been working hard on numerous cases across the UK involving providing impartial, confidential advice to holiday caravan and lodge owners in complex, unusual situations.  NACO members have access to an experienced team of colleagues, ready to listen – in confidence – to any concerns about their on park situation.

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  Published on 13 March 2024 By Jenny Blumsom