This is your members magazine and we always love to find out and share what interests you and how you use and enjoy your holiday home.

Maybe you are creative and make artworks, cook and entertain, or have an unusual or interesting hobby? We love to hear about your park life and share it with other members!

Following are some memories past and present from one of our members about her holiday home experiences. Plus some feedback from our Parklife questionnaire; where Susan Mills shares her holiday home tips, hobbies and interests that make up her family’s Parklife. 

NACO: Where is your holiday home sited?
Islawrrfford Caravan Park, Talybont, Barmouth. For 12 and half years.

NACO: Who stays at your caravan with you?
My husband.

NACO: Do you have a nice pitch/view?
Lovely spacious pitch with open space around us, and lovely view of mountains.

NACO: Did you holiday in a caravan as a child?
My parents had a caravan in Barmouth for most of their life, as children we holidayed there and at 71 I am still there.

NACO: Other information ie hobbies/ activities/how you make use of your holiday home
Our caravan is our second home, we have many activities that we carry out there, fishing, photography and walking in the beautiful Snowdonia area.

NACO: What is there to do on or around your caravan park?
Walking in the hills and on beautiful beaches, Harlech Castle, and beautiful Barmouth harbour.

NACO: Do you have good facilities on your park?
Facilities on site are first class, all kept in excellent condition, swimming pool, launderette, fish and chips, restaurant and bar.

NACO: Do you have any tips or suggestions for other members whilst caravanning?
No tips really, you just relax and enjoy.

NACO: Any advice for opening up your caravan at the start of the season?
Our site is open all year round, and as we visit over the winter also, we just turn off water, and put central heating to come on twice a day for an hour each time, this keeps van dry and aired.

NACO: Why did you buy a holiday caravan?
My parents had a caravan until the day they died which spanned over nearly 80 years, my sister has had caravans for 40 years, and myself and my brother have had caravans for almost 13 years.

NACO: Did the purchase go smoothly or were there any problems?
The purchase of our van from Islawrrfford was first class, no trouble at all and very accommodating.

NACO: Is there anything you feel our readers should look out for when buying a holiday caravan?
I would say make sure you have a warranty as things can happen over time.

NACO: Would you recommend buying a caravan? please give your reason
I have loved owning a caravan but it is a very expensive possession, not only to buy but to keep. With ever increasing site rents, and gas and electricity it takes thousands a year to keep running, and it does not increase in value, so you could end up losing a lot of money.

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  Published on 26 January 2023 By Jenny Blumsom