We have been getting considerably more enquiries that relate to moving a caravan or lodge to another park or location.

You will obviously need to check your agreement and consult your park owner but remember that your holiday home is your property, so don’t get lured into thinking a private off-site sale attracts 15% commission or that the park owner must get ‘first refusal’. If you want to remove the unit, that’s up to you. There will be some hoops to jump through (as always) but in an effort to assist we spoke with Caravantastic about the process involved in removal and transportation – here’s what they had to say…

Can you help with a move to another park or to private land?

We often relocate to other parks and also to private land. We work with you, the haulier and the park owner to ensure a smooth process for all involved.

What are the first steps?

You will need to inform the park owner of your intentions. Its key to ensure you understand any charges the park owner may make for de-siting , disconnecting and removal/disposal of any decking you may have. You will need to ensure meter readings are taken and your account settled and closed. If you have any finance on your caravan this will normally need settling before the caravan can be removed from site.

What does siting a static caravan involve?

Siting a static caravan involves selecting a suitable location, preparing the site by levelling out with stone, concrete or railway sleepers and ensuring proper drainage, connecting utilities, precisely placing the caravan, securely anchoring it to the ground, conducting safety checks, and ensuring compliance with local regulations.

What does moving a static caravan involve?

Moving a static caravan involves meticulous planning, securing necessary permits, selecting a suitable route, and ensuring the caravan is properly prepared for transit. Disconnecting utilities, securing loose items, and inspecting the chassis are crucial steps before transportation. Professional transport services are typically employed for the actual move, ensuring compliance with safety regulations. Upon arrival at the new location, the caravan is carefully sited, considering stability and safety. Reconnecting utilities and conducting thorough post-transportation inspections are essential to ensure the caravan's structural integrity. Adherence to local regulations and safety protocols is paramount throughout the entire process.

Want to know more?

Give the team at Caravantastic a call today on 01278 780565. We deliver throughout the UK.

We also provide static caravan accommodation for self build projects, stables, livery yards, stud farms and other equestrian businesses as accommodation for grooms and yard hands.

  Published on 04 January 2024 By Jenny Blumsom