CONDENSATION can be a problem in our holiday caravans and lodges. There are – broadly speaking – two schools of thought on this…

  1. Salt traps, moisture traps, and things like cat litter and washing powder are placed around the caravan or lodge during the closed period to help minimise any condensation.
  2. So long as the holiday home is sufficiently ventilated, soft furnishings placed correctly and doors left open the adequate airflow should be enough to prevent condensation.

Seasoned caravan owners will be sure to have their own views on this, and for many people it’s all part of the closing down process.

Technically, we agree that the ventilation within holiday homes should suffice to ensure that there isn’t any condensation build up. However, many people also like to use things like salt to assist – especially if you have an older unit and aren’t sure about vents etc.

* Ensure all ventilation is not obstructed!
* Take mattresses off the beds and stand up.
* Stand seat cushions up on end to allow air to circulate around them.
* Curtains wide open or taken down.
* Internal doors, wardrobes, cupboard doors and drawers left ajar or slightly open to allow an uninterrupted flow of air to circulate throughout the interior.

This process will probably be part of you ‘close down’ for those that have shorter seasons. If you are on a park with a longer season or even a 12-month licence you’ll want to still consider this process (along with draining down) every time you leave.

If you do have any signs of mould, mildew or damp, catching it early is the key to preventing any extensive or gradually increasing damage. If damp areas are visible, take measures to absorb any excess water from windowsills, corners of rooms or anywhere else you can see affected. If treating areas where mildew is visible, first wipe the area with a damp cloth, cleaning off any black marks or try applying an anti-mould cleaner, this will kill any spores.

A great tip is to use a mix of cheap washing powder and cat litter in bowls – this will help with moisture and the washing powder helps to make the holiday home smell fresh and clean! 

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  Published on 08 December 2022 By Jenny Blumsom