Bude, on the North Cornwall coast, is a vibrant seaside town known for its beautiful beaches, excellent surfing conditions, and, notably, its high sunshine hours. This friendly town offers a laid-back lifestyle, making it a perfect spot for those looking to enjoy the best of the Cornish coast.


Why Bude?

Bude's appeal lies in its stunning natural scenery, from sandy beaches to rugged cliffs, all enjoying a generous amount of sunshine. The town's reputation as a surfing destination adds to its allure, offering a blend of relaxation and adventure. For static caravan owners, Bude provides a sunny escape with a strong sense of community and a plethora of outdoor activities.


Sunshine, Surf, and Sand

Whether it's catching waves at Summerleaze Beach, walking along the scenic South West Coast Path, or exploring the Bude Sea Pool, there are plenty of sunny activities to enjoy. The town's sunny climate makes it an ideal location for beach days, water sports, and simply soaking up the coastal beauty.


A Community That Celebrates the Outdoors

Bude's community is welcoming and vibrant, with a love for the outdoors and a calendar full of events that celebrate its coastal culture. From the Bude Carnival to the Jazz Festival, there's a sense of joy and camaraderie that permeates the town. Owning a static caravan in Bude means being part of a community that cherishes its sunny days and stunning landscape.


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  Published on 18 March 2024 By Jenny Blumsom