Great Yarmouth: Sun, Sea, and Entertainment

Great Yarmouth, on the Norfolk coast, is a bustling seaside resort known for its long sandy beach, historic Pleasure Beach amusement park, and vibrant marine parade. The town enjoys a sunny climate, making it a popular destination for holidaymakers and static caravan owners alike.


Picture of a static caravan park in winter

Why Great Yarmouth?

The appeal of Great Yarmouth lies in its mix of traditional seaside fun, sunny weather, and a wide range of attractions. From the thrill of the amusement park to the tranquillity of the Broads National Park nearby, Great Yarmouth offers diverse experiences under the sun. For those with a static caravan, it's a destination that promises lively summers and a wealth of activities. 

Family Fun and Seaside Pleasures

Great Yarmouth's beach is the star attraction, offering miles of golden sand for sunbathing, sandcastle building, and seaside strolls. The town's marine parade, with its cafes, shops, and entertainment options, comes alive in the sunshine, providing endless fun for families and visitors of all ages.


A Community with a Rich Maritime Heritage

The town's maritime heritage is celebrated through various events and attractions, including the Maritime Festival. Great Yarmouth's community is proud of its history and welcoming to those who choose to make it their holiday home. For static caravan owners, this means being part of a vibrant community that enjoys the best of the British seaside.

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  Published on 06 May 2024 By Jenny Blumsom