It’s been sometime since we’ve been up to Hull. What with Covid and the fact that the Lawns show had concluded we haven’t visited for years. For those of you not aware, Hull is the holiday home manufacturing epicentre of the UK!

We have been developing a great working relationship with Victory and we thought it about time to meet some of the team and take a look around their factory. 

“...Victory’s attention
to detail, company
ethos and outstanding
designs really do set
them apart. ”

We were given a warm welcome to Victory’s ‘Experience Centre’ by Lizzie Hancock - Digital Marketing Manager and Charlie Carruthers - Marketing Assistant. After catching up over a cup of coffee we were given the factory tour. PPC and Hi-vis jackets on, we made our way along ‘the line’. My colleague Jenny hadn’t seen this process before and was amazed by the process. Caravan manufacturing is truly a British success story, and in most cases all aspects of development and build is done in house – cabinets, beds, furniture – the lot! Victory’s attention to detail, company ethos and outstanding designs really do set them apart. 

  Published on 19 January 2023 By Jenny Blumsom