A Revival in the Sun

Margate, once a quintessential British seaside resort, has undergone a renaissance, blending its Victorian heritage with a contemporary cultural scene. This sun kissed town on the Kent coast is drawing in those looking for a blend of sunshine, art, and history.

Why Margate?

Margate boasts some of the most beautiful sunsets in the UK, thanks to its unique position. For static caravan owners, this means not just sunny days but magical evenings too.

The town's revival has seen the opening of galleries, cafes, and boutiques, making it a vibrant place to be, especially under the warm glow of the sun.

Picture of a static caravan park in winter

Cultural Hub by the Sea

The Turner Contemporary gallery has placed Margate on the map as a cultural hotspot. The town's creative scene is complemented by its historic amusement park, Dreamland, offering a nostalgic yet modern seaside experience.

Margate's sandy beach, meanwhile, is perfect for those sunny days when only the sea will do.

Community and Creativity

Margate's community is as warm as its climate. The town has a strong sense of identity, with locals and newcomers alike contributing to its creative spirit. For those with a static caravan, Margate offers a chance to be part of a community that's all about celebrating the arts, the sea, and, of course, the sunshine.

  Published on 01 July 2024 By Jenny Blumsom