What To Consider Before Hiring Out your Static Caravan

A simple way to make profit is by using the tools you already have available. If you’re reading this blog post, chances are you’ve already considered hiring out your static caravan for a bit of extra income. However, there are a few things that you need to consider before actually doing it. You need to consider if your static caravan is up for the job, if the holiday park your static caravan resides in allows it, and whether or not you’re allowed to do it according to your insurance. Don’t fear, our team at NACO are experts in everything to do with static caravans and have put together this helpful and informative guide to consider if you’re thinking about hiring out your static caravan.

Find the Right Holiday Park

Some holiday parks can be a little apprehensive about you renting out your static caravan when it’s not in use and it can be the luck of the draw when it comes to finding one that will.

Fortunately, most parks don’t mind as long as static caravan owners are responsible for tenants, any mess they may leave, or damage they may cause in your absence. Once you’ve found a great holiday park for your static caravan, it’s time to look into:

Park Facilities:
When advertising your static caravan for hire, you aren’t just selling the features of the caravan itself, but also what’s nearby and what the park itself has to offer. Is it typically loud or quiet? Is it wheelchair accessible? Is it suitable for pets? All of these things will need to be explored and the answers can help influence the people seeking to hire your caravan.

What to consider before hiring out your static caravan

Legal Requirements:
There are several strict legal requirements in place that you need to comply with, including annually obtaining a landlord gas safety certificate, get a fixed electrical installation certificate, annually undergoing portable appliance testing for electrical appliances, installing smoke and carbon monoxide alarms, and providing a fire extinguisher and fire blanket.

What Does Your Static Caravan Offer?

If you’re planning to hire out your static caravan you already own, you’ve got to consider exactly why people should choose your caravan over other static caravans available to hire out. Now, we aren’t saying you have to have the newest or most well equipped static caravan - in fact, simplicity is often a great appeal for anyone looking to hire out a static caravan for a period of time - but you do need to think about several things for safety reasons and to make your static caravan more appealing.

Dog Friendly?
Dogs are a common sight to see at holiday parks and make their home in a static caravan with their owners and we Brits love our dogs. This is why it’s important to consider your personal rules around having pets in your caravan. Are they allowed? Are they not? Are they allowed with an additional pet fee? As long as your chosen holiday park allows pets, the choice is yours.

Are Windows Double Glazed?
Double glazed windows offer improved insulation, protection, and security, so if your static caravan has them, you’ll be much more appealing to anyone looking to hire one, and may be able to charge extra to hire for the perks of double glazing. The thin layer of air between the glass panes of double glazing slows down warm air escaping, provides an extra barrier against objects hitting the window, and offers improved sound proofing.

Do Electrical Appliances Get Regularly Tested?
Not only do you legally need to get your electronic appliances regularly tested in order to hire out your caravan, but for your own peace of mind annual portable appliance testing means that you know your appliances are working as they should be. This testing is in place to make sure portable electrical appliances - such as DVD players and kitchen appliances - are working properly and safely.

What Insurance is Needed?

When it comes to insuring your caravan for the purposes of renting it out, our first bit of advice would be to check your current policy. While a lot of the bog standard policies don’t include insurance when hiring out your static caravan, some do. Additionally, public liability insurance will be required to cover yourself and whoever hires your static caravan from damages, death, and physical injury as a result of an accident.

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  Published on 21 July 2022 By Dan Ellacott

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