8 reasons you should opt for UK based static caravan insurance

Posted 22 February by Dan Ellacott

Those with a static caravan in the UK should consider seeking out insurance from a dedicated UK provider. From what is covered in the policy to making the claim, there are a myriad of reasons why it makes sense to go with a UK insurance provider. Let's take a look at the top eight reasons.

UK knowledge

The UK static holiday home market is unique. Static caravan ownership in the UK is hugely popular and differs to every other country in many ways. In the UK, park owners require caravan owners to take insurance out and it is important that you do so through a local UK provider that understands not only the way park owners operate but also has a good relationship with the park owners.

UK weather knowledge

Furthermore, a UK provider will know what it is like to own a static caravan in the UK and can cover you accordingly whilst offering essential guidance on looking after your caravan in the winter. UK insurance for static caravans will cover you for storm damage, weight of snow and frozen pipes, provided you have taken the necessary steps to protect the caravan in the first place, such as draining the water and leaving the heating on. A good UK provider can help you to take these steps by offering comprehensive guidance.

Professional underwriting

UK providers such as NACO offer policies underwritten by Lloyds Insurance, which is the world's leading market specialist underwriter. This protects your policy from risk and means you do not need to worry about your policy - it is in good hands.

Making the claim

Should the worst happen and you need to make a claim, doing so in the UK will be easier and faster. There is no need to call an overseas call centre; instead, friendly UK staff are available on a local line during business hours, ready to help progress your claim as quickly as possible.

Criminal damage cover

UK specialists such as NACO will offer cover for criminal damage. With a knowledge of the UK police system, getting a crime reference number and providing it to your insurer when you make a claim will make for a more seamless claim than when taking out overseas insurance.

Re-siting costs

Only a specialist UK policy will include cover for re-siting and delivery costs, which can be significant.

Additional cover

Specialist static caravan insurance such as that offered by NACO has been built around extensive knowledge of caravan ownership and the type of incident likely to affect owners. This means your policy can include additional features that you would not find with standard insurance, such as rent loss cover, freezer food cover and vermin cover.

Community membership

Specialist static caravan insurance in the UK, such as that offered by NACO, offers a wealth of benefits when compared with more generalised insurance policies or overseas policies. Making your claim in the UK with NACO means you are well covered and can easily speak to friendly, knowledgeable staff who can help to progress your claim as effectively as possible. It also means you become a member of the UK's biggest community of static caravan owners, with plenty of expert advice and knowledge available.