How To Prepare Your Caravan For Winter So Your Insurance Stays Valid

Winter is coming, and it's important to prepare your static caravan for the cold! Your static caravan insurance may be invalidated if you are not prepared. Our team here at NACO have put together some tips on how to make sure that your caravans stay in good shape this winter.  

This article will explain why preparation is so important during the winter, what precautions can be taken before winter actually begins, and what should happen once the park your static caravan is on closes for winter. The article also has a list of supplies you'll need for winterising your caravan - our team here at NACO just want to make sure you are ready for when winter hits, keeping your insurance valid and your static caravan covered. 

Carry Out A Deep Winter Clean
Depending on your static caravan insurance provider your insurance may be void over winter if you left the caravan in an untidy or unclean state before you leave for the winter months. This is why we recommend carrying out a full winter deep clean before you lock up and head off the park. You need to make sure your static caravan is clean and emptied of anything that could potentially attract rodents or thieves. One of the best tips we can give for clearing out your caravans fridge or freezer is; turn it off, empty the fridge or freezer of all food and condiments, disinfect the interior and exterior, then leave the doors propped open, this allows for any extra moisture to escape and keep the space from building up any moisture. 

One of the main things you need to consider when carrying out a winter deep clean is whether or not you need to remove all the valuables, for example, the TV, games units or anything else that might attract thieves and vandals. You will need to work this out according to your specific insurance policy, some allow for valuables to be left in with contents insurance, some policies ask for everything to be removed to minimise risk to the caravan

By carrying out a thorough deep clean you are able to ensure your static caravan is left in the best way possible for winter,, this means no rodents will be attracted by food and cause any problems, it also helps reduce the growth of mould and damp. 

Remove All Your Belongings
As part of the deep clean of your static caravan you need to carry out, you will also need to remove all valuables, we have already touched on this point, but it is so important we decided to include it in its own sections. Removing things such as TVs, DVD players and high-value items means you are taking active steps at keeping your static caravan safe from thieves and vandals.

One of the best things you can do is remove all valuables and then open the curtains on your static caravan in all the separate rooms, this allows any perpetrators to look into the caravan and see that there is nothing to steal, acting as a deterrent. This may be one of the ways you can ensure your static caravan insurance is valid, if any damage is caused you have a claim to say you tried everything you could to protect the static from being burgled. 

If your static caravan is going to stand empty for the whole of the off-peak winter season it always makes sense to remove anything that might draw attention from others. Your main goal during winter is to protect the static caravan from damage, taking easy steps such as emptying it will always go in favour of any insurance claim you need to make. 

Drain Your Caravan System
The final step we would suggest when shutting your static caravan down for winter in a way that keeps your insurance intact is to drain down your caravan. More often than not holiday parks up and down the country offer a service whereby they will send someone to your caravan to carry out the draining down, but it is in fact something you can do by yourself. Obviously, some static caravan owners choose to use the service provided by the parks, whereas others decide to do it themselves to save money. 

Either way, the draining down process needs to be carried out, follow these steps to make sure you do it properly and in a way that complies with static caravan insurance policies. (Always make sure you check your specific policy) 

  • Turn off the water at the main outlet 

  • Find the drain down taps that are usually underneath your static caravan and open them (if you can’t find yours on your static caravan it will be highlighted in your handbook, usually they are underneath a bathroom or kitchen, you need to make sure you don’t mess with the central heating taps.)

  • Inside the static, turn all the taps on including the shower and any exterior attached taps.

  • Do this until the water stops flowing 

  • Once the water has stopped coming out of all the taps in the static, use a small amount of antifreeze and pour it down the drains, this stops any remaining water from freezing. 

  • Any detachable hoses or showerheads need to be removed and stored somewhere safe, this stops them from becoming damaged.

  • Don’t forget to flush those toilets! 

Carrying out these steps when you are shutting down your static caravan for winter will enable you to prove you have done everything possible to keep your caravan safe should you need to make a claim. One of the best ways you can make sure your static caravan insurance is valid is by following any winter close down routines your insurance set out, and by following these steps we have laid out for you too. 

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Prepare your caravan for winter to ensure that you still have valid insurance, this is one of the most important things we can advise you to do as static caravan insurance providers. You may not think about it, but if your caravan is parked in the snow and cold all season long, there's a chance that its insurance coverage will be invalidated when spring comes around. 

Don't let this happen to you when there are a handful of easy steps you can follow to make sure your static caravan is protected should anything go wrong during winter. If you're concerned about what needs to be done before temperatures drop below freezing where you live, contact NACO today and we'll walk through some of the best tips for preparing your static caravan. 

Feel free to give us a call anytime, we are always more than happy to answer questions and queries about static caravan insurance. We are here to make sure you and your static caravan are covered by insurance all year round. 

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  Published on 05 September 2021 By Dan Ellacott

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