Is Static Caravan Insurance Obligatory?

Do You Have to Insure a Static Caravan?
Ordinarily, there are no legal requirements to insure your static holiday caravan or lodge, however more often than not parks up and down the country will require you to have insurance as part of any contract or agreement. This is a form of caravan parks protecting themselves should anything happen to your property whilst pitched on their site. Making sure you are covered is vital to your contract with the holiday park remaining withstanding, this includes both the caravan and your family should anything go wrong, you will be protected. 

Here at NACO we have offered caravan insurance for statics for a number of years and have become well known for offering great policies at competitive prices. If you are looking for static insurance be sure to get a quote or read our latest blog post that highlights a few things you should be considering when thinking about static caravan insurance.

Aspects To Pay Attention To… Valuations
When it comes to organising static caravan insurance you need to take into consideration a full valuation of your property, this is vital for getting the correct policy to suit you and your caravans needs in the future. The value is an important consideration for your new policy. The amount your caravan is insured for will be taken into consideration should anything happen and your insurer needs to payout. 

The valuation will represent the amount the insurer needs to pay out should an event occur that means you have a total loss of your static caravan. For example, if you lose your static caravan to a fire or other severe damage. All policies are different but each will have a valuation procedure, whether it be a market value or value for replacement, it is incredibly important to have your static valued.

Flood Risks
Living in the UK does come with some weather risks, it is more and more common for storms and flooding to occur, not only during the winter but also across the year. Whether this is due to rivers breaking their banks or the rising tides, we find that most caravan parks are situated near either-or. Flooding can cause severe damage to your static caravan and be insured for that will save you a lot of money should the worst happen. 

Static caravan insurance policies may or may not cover flooding, you will have to discuss this with your insurer and also potentially add it as an extra. Not all static caravan owners will need flooding cover, especially if your caravan is nowhere near the water. You can find the vulnerability of your chosen site online by going to the following link - Flood Risk Checker.

Public Liability 

All static caravan and lodge insurance policies will provide certain levels of public liability cover. This cover ranges from £2 million to £5 million in most cases and will offer protection in the event that you are held accountable for loss or damage to the public whilst at your caravan. 

This is one of the main reasons why most caravan parks in the UK ask for static caravan insurance and some may ask you directly about your static caravan public liability insurance. If something should happen to a member of the public because of your static caravan or on the grounds of your caravan, you may be entitled to payout towards insurance claims, having public liability insurance means you will be in a position to do so. 

Out Of Season

A large proportion of caravan parks in the UK close over the winter season, it is only a small handful that remains open all year round. You might not have thought much about this time other than it being when you can’t go to the caravan, but this is the time your static needs insurance more than ever. The winter season is when most static caravan break-ins happen, this is because thieves know they are left empty and unprotected. 

When it comes to arranging static caravan insurance you may want to establish some further arrangements at protecting your caravan, for example, your premium might be cheaper if you have CCTV or the park you are pitched on has security all year round. Another way to protect your caravan during the offseason is to empty it, disconnect the gas, electricity and water. Different insurance policies you take out will explain different things to be completed for the policy to stand should anything happen.

Park Insurance Policies 

When you first move your static caravan to a new site, you will find that they are more than likely going to ask you for your insurance documents to confirm it fits their own requirements. If you do not have insurance at the time or a policy that needs amending, some parks will push for you to purchase their own insurance policies, we highly recommend not being pushed into purchasing theirs if you don’t want to. Sometimes it is the right insurance policy for you, but static caravan parks offer insurance for their needs, not always to cover yours. 

Remember that shopping around is crucial for finding a policy that works for you, not for someone else. 

Compare Before Signing 

Continuing on from the previous point, it is one of the most important aspects of finding static caravan insurance. The first thing to remember is it is not always obligatory, but you need to check whether your caravan park requires you to have it. From this point we want to say you do not always need to have caravan parks insurance, you can source your own

It is so important to compare different policies before signing the dotted line. You would do that when searching for car insurance or home insurance, we cannot emphasise enough the importance of comparing the market before signing to a policy. 

Contact NACO For More Info 

We hope you’ve found this blog post useful! If you have any questions about static caravan insurance or how to get the right one for your needs, don't hesitate to contact us here at NACO. 

In addition to providing affordable and comprehensive protection, we also offer a variety of other services that could be valuable for those who own caravans or motorhomes - so make sure you keep our number handy in case anything comes up! Give us a call today to find out more or ask any questions or queries you may have. 

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