Nick Norrie of Business Subject II Survey Ltd Chartered Surveyors explains how it helps you have peace of mind when purchasing your residential or holiday park home or lodge.

Nick Norrie is a Chartered Surveyor and a Chartered Building Engineer. His Business Subject II Survey Ltd Chartered Surveyors specialise in pre purchase surveys of pre-owned park homes and lodges both residential and leisure homes. They cover most of the UK. Nick has carried out many thousands of surveys of park homes and lodges of all ages of home and most manufacturers over a period exceeding twenty years.

“Peace of mind in knowing that your intended purchase is as good as it looks”

Inside the home it is important to identify any dampness and any leaks that if not put right could cause more damage to occur. The Surveyor will report on problems and how these can be put right. An inspection underneath the home should include the chassis, the supports of the home and the concrete base or pad and other checks. To do this will involve crawling around within the small space underneath the home, something that most purchasers would want to avoid doing! The condition of the steel chassis and how the home is supported are important points for the Surveyor to tell you about. Outside the park home the condition of the walls, roof and gutters, doors and windows will all need to be checked and reported on. Also, a good survey will include the 'skirt' and this is what fills in the gap in-between the ground and the bottom edge of the park home or lodge walls.

All this information will come together in a written report, and this should include photographs so you can see what the Surveyor is describing in the report. Nick explained that it is important that the survey report is both easy to read but includes the detail for those that want it. Nick said for example in our reports there is a summary right at the start of the report, and this is in simple list form. This lists any serious and urgent issues, and these are the key issues that purchasers will want to know about. This summary will also include a list of recommended improvements, for example energy efficiency measures and with spiralling energy costs nowadays this is especially important. Also a benefit is that a survey report that includes recommended improvements can be referred back to in the future when considering updating and improving the home.

There is also a big intangible benefit in having a survey done and that's 'peace of mind' in knowing that your intended park home purchase is as good as it looks, and if not, you will know what needs doing and how to put it right.So my advice is to enjoy your search for your new park home or lodge and seriously consider instructing a specialist Park Home Surveyor to carry out a pre purchase survey as there are many very important benefits in doing so and not least that peace of mind feeling! To obtain a free pre purchase park home survey quotation from Subject II Survey Ltd Chartered Surveyors just complete a simple form on their website and their expert team will put together an individual quotation for you. Or give them a call on 01869 346973.

  Published on 25 August 2022 By Jenny Blumsom