Static Caravans: What Your Insurance Covers

Something to consider when you purchase a static caravan is getting insurance and making sure your static caravan is fully covered. Unlike touring caravans - who’s insurance is more akin to vehicle insurance - most static caravan insurance policies share more similarities with home insurance. 

This is because touring caravans can be picked up and moved at any time whereas static caravans tend to stay on one site for a number of years - typically being used as a semi-permanent home away from home.

If you’re lucky enough to own a static caravan, insurance is absolutely recommended to cover expenses should the worst happen, which is especially important if your static caravan is kept in a holiday park.

Static caravans that are kept in a holiday park are designed for use as holiday homes - meaning you aren’t going to be living in it year round - and leaving them empty for months at a time increases the risk of damage or break ins.

Here at NACO, our team is on hand to provide all the information you need for static caravan insurance and what policies tend to cover.

Static Caravans What Your Insurance Covers

Standard Insurance Policy

The standard insurance policy you use for your static caravan can vary slightly depending on the company you use for your insurance. However, most standard static caravan insurance policies include a few important things:

Public Liability
If someone slips on your decking or your roof is blown off in high winds and damages a local property or somebody's car, you will be liable for damages and could be taken to court. Public liability cover will cover you against a claim someone might make for injury to themselves or their property caused - whether directly or indirectly - by your static caravan. If you rent your static caravan to holidaymakers when you aren’t using it, public liability cover is especially important in case somebody has an accident that results in physical injury or, in some cases, death.

Static caravans left in holiday parks are typically empty for a good portion of the year, making them easy targets for thieves and burglars. Your policy should cover both the theft of your static caravan and any of its contents. Some policies even cover damages brought about by attempted theft, such as broken windows, doors, or even skylights that someone has broken in an attempt to gain entry to your static caravan. It’s important that you check your policy to find out exactly what sort of theft cover you have as some forms of theft - such as theft that was done without leaving signs of forced entry behind - isn’t typically covered in a standard insurance policy.

Whether it’s damage caused by bad weather, accidental damage, or vandalism, most static caravan insurance policies protect you against a variety of ways your caravan can be damaged. As a lot of holiday parks sit close to or on the coast, bad weather is expected- storms and flooding can cause massive damage to your static caravan, with heavy snow having the potential to cave the roof in. Other forms of damage protection includes damage caused by fire or smoke and structural weaknesses, whether it’s caused by rotting support or something falling onto your static caravan.

Insurance Add-Ons

  1. Removal of debris & resiting charges
  2. Underground services
  3. Loss of rent , and other accommodation
  4. Removing the holiday home temporarily
  5. Lock and keys
  6. Freezer
  7. Automatic reinstatement of sum insured
  8. Interest third parties
  9. Vermin
  10. Domestic pets
  11. Emergency travel
  12. Gas bottles
  13. Public liability

Optional Extension

Please note: This extension is only applicable if indicated on your schedule.

Malicious damage when let
We will pay up to £10,000 for loss or damage to the holiday home or, subject to the cover being in place, contents, as a result of vandalism and acts of malicious damage whilst the holiday hoe is let or sublet.

We will not pay the first £250 of each loss (the excess).

For further information please refer to our policy.

Looking for more information about static caravan insurance? 

NACO can help! We hope this guide has been helpful in informing you of the various uses static caravan insurance has to offer, as well as add ons to consider for your policy. If you want more information, our experienced and friendly team at NACO are on hand to answer any questions or queries you may have. Get in touch with us today! Alternatively, check out our blogs for all the information you could want about static caravans, insurance, and holiday parks!

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