It’s inevitable that there will always be more risk of things like break-ins when your park is closed and our claims team report that things like TV thefts increase significantly during the winter months. 

Many parks are now open for longer periods, but you still need to take steps to secure your belongings and protect your holiday home. Whilst your insurance policy will – in all probability – replace any stolen contents and repair any damage the inconvenience and distress
can be considerable. ‘Prevention is better than cure’ as they say.

Here are some top tips to keep your holiday home safe and secure…

If your static caravan doesn’t have double-glazing you might consider fitting some window locks.

Remove any valuables

Removing valuables is fairly common practice if you are closing down the unit, but if you’re only leaving for a few days this isn’t always practical or possible. If you can’t remove items make sure that nothing of value is left near windows or in full view. Potential thieves will identify ‘easy pickings’ so make sure that nothing is on show. We often suggest that people invest in a safe for smaller items – securing it to the floor in a cupboard will give extra security for higher value items when you are away from the unit. Some owners choose to print out a poster to state that ‘all valuables have been removed’ and this can help as a deterrent.

Check all locks and windows

Make sure that you check all doors and windows before you leave the park. This may seem like obvious advice but it’s easy to forget sometimes and a window may have been left open or ajar offering and welcome invite to would-be thieves. If your static caravan doesn’t have double-glazing you might consider fitting some window locks.

Security alarms and other devices

Consider fitting an alarm or security device at your holiday home. This may seem a little extreme, but there’s plenty of choice nowadays to help give your property more protection when unoccupied. Much will depend on whether you have reliable WIFI at the park.

Many parks still offer the Ramtech alarm service, which has been improved and updated somewhat. Their ‘WiSE’ system is linked direct to park staff and the alarm sends a silent alert, ensuring rapid response to any activation.

Modern solutions from companies such as ‘Ring’ and ‘Blink’ are available but as noted will need a decent connection to provide protection. Be mindful about with outside cameras though as these will often cause concern for neighbours. However, internal monitoring solutions are simple to install and offer comfort during periods when you aren’t able to check on the unit.

An alternative to a system that relies on either the park owner, or WIFI is an alarm or device that uses a sim card – just like your mobile phone. The device will call or text you when movement is detected. There are plenty of choices available on the internet.

Send us your alarm tips!!!

Have you got an alarm or security device that you think is great? We’d love to hear from you. Send any ideas, tips or pointers to

think about developing connections with other owners...Social media is great for this...

Speak to fellow owners

If your park is going to be open, but you aren’t going to be there, think about developing connections with other owners. Social media is great for this, as owners on your park may have set up something like a Facebook group where any suspicious activity or signs of damage can be shared. 

Check your insurance policy!

Make sure that your insurance cover
is valid and that you’ve checked any
conditions or stipulations in relation to
theft and ‘unoccupancy’. If you’re unsure
about the cover or it’s not clear give
NACO’s insurance cover team a call
who will help with any information
about their policy or will be able to
help in general.

  Published on 08 September 2022 By Jenny Blumsom