Pitch Fees & Coronavirus...

We know that people have concerns about paying their pitch fees and meeting other financial obligations in relation to their holiday homes.

We know the lack of information available currently is causing people frustration.

We know that people are looking for answers.

Pitch Fees

It’s our opinion that it will remain a contractual obligation to pay your pitch fees. Until we know how long the closure is, we can’t interpret what any ‘loss’ might be. A month without the use of your holiday home at this time of year will have a significant impact to caravan and lodge owners and their families.

We’d like to see some flexibility on the park’s behalf – you’d hope that they would see the benefits of supporting the very people that will help them survive the coming years – you guys.

We’ve been made aware of one small family run park in Norfolk who are giving back 50% of pitch fees during the period of lockdown – this is an amazing gesture and hopefully more park operators will follow suit in some form.

It might be the promise of a review once the lockdown is lifted. It might be the immediate offer of a reduction, either way it’s vital that communications are made by the park owner to ensure customers are aware of the business’ position.

There’s plenty of options – payment holidays, reductions, extensions to the season, extensions to the licence agreement, pitch fee freezes…the list goes on. It’s a shame that the feedback that we’re getting is an old school approach by parks of ‘pay up or get off’.

Once we’re out the other side of this, we’ll look at ways to help caravan owners tackle the issues. As a business we’re struggling ourselves to balance work and family life and ensure the safety of our team, so we’re having to focus on essential operational matters to keep on top of things.

If you’re a caravan or lodge owner reading this and have been offered something positive from your park owner we’d love to hear from you.

If you’re a park owner reading this please consider carefully how you want your customers to view you and your business when we come out the other side of this…

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  Published on 16 April 2020 By Dan Ellacott

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