“Whether you live in a park home, own a holiday lodge or static caravan, or looking to purchase one you would require peace of mind and clarity that your hard-earned savings are well invested.

During my career I have seen numerous cases within the park and leisure home industry of vulnerable, sometimes elderly, people buying park homes without knowing the inherent problems the home may come with. To be clear, not all homes, lodges and caravans will have problems but some pre owed ones do which is why Clear View Park Home Surveyors was created.

When I meet my prospective clients, I like to think of them as my extended family and want to ensure they are protected from the elements of some possible costly issues such as, corroded tripod supports, missing roofing shingle or delaminated exterior wall boards. My work moto is ‘A clear view for peace of mind’. It is never my intention to put anyone off the wonderful lifestyle choice a park home can bring, but just to ensure the journey in your new purchase is free from strife.

There is no obligation to have an inspection before buying; however, would you buy any large purchase blind folded?

Unlike a brick built domestic property you are not able to get a mortgage, equally there is no ruling to say you need a survey. You will always hear “You don’t need a survey or and inspection on your caravan” and you technically don’t – but it is peace of mind to have one.

I have seen too many cases during my career within the industry of purchasers and owners not knowing much about their homes or being mis-sold or even homes which are not in a good condition being sold to people using their hard - earned savings to buy only to find

inherent problems leaving them with large repair bills. With an internal home or pre-purchase inspection you can be safe in the knowledge your investment was a wise choice. It is my mission to ensure the homes are up to standard or at least you are made aware of any inherent issues and hopefully peace of mind for your park and leisure home.

We maintain our motor vehicles with regular servicing to ensure the longevity and avoid, where possible, costly bills. The same should be true for a park home, lodge or static caravan. If you look after your asset, it will be your pride and joy to enjoy for many years to come.

We don’t just turn up with a note pad and dressed in a shirt and tie… we get dirty and covered in cobwebs and sometimes tackle the odd mouse! We check all the nooks and crannies for any possible defects.

So, whether you are looking to buy a new or pre-owned residential park home, a leisure lodge or even a static caravan we are here to help. You will want to ensure that there are no inherent problems, and that the property will stand the test of time.

Our inspection service will give you peace of mind for your park and leisure home.

  Published on 01 September 2022 By Jenny Blumsom