We’ve been working with Caraconnect for as long as I can remember.

Whilst they are based just up the road from us, they cover the whole of UK and have been offering a very broad range of services to holiday caravan and lodge owners. We tend to use them for repair work following an insurance claim, but they offer a very broad range of services.

DE: Tell us a bit about your background:
I had been working for more than 14 years for some of the biggest names in the industry until I started Caraconnect in 2008. Starting off at the bottom in the maintenance department as a seasonal grass cutting and strimming, before going on to be Maintenance Foreman and gas engineer. Back then we were taught about how caravans were built and had tours of the manufacturers factories. All designed to help with aftersales repairs and a knowledge of how things were put
together. I worked for a few local parks and a caravan dealership before going out on my own. Initially as a sole trader specialising as an LPG gas service provider. It was easy coming from my background with an understanding of the industry, I knew how parks operated and what was required as a contractor. The business has grown to now undertake many and varied repairs and refurbishments of holiday home caravans, holiday lodges and residential park homes. The list of services available to homeowners is now quite extensive. 

DE: That’s an impressive history – what are the highlights with regard to your services:
There's nothing better than when you've completed a job for a customer and their first words are “Wow, that’s looks great” so many of our larger services, the decking, shower cubicles, repairs or refurbishments, skirting or central heating systems are a pleasure to install. The customers love the end result and get a sense they haven't wasted their money. But our general day to day work, gas, plumbing, installation of holiday homes are still great to do, that’s where I started and what the company was built on. Hence our name CARAvan CONNECTions

DE: You cover the whole of the UK – that can’t be easy?
It can be difficult at times, but if you plan well and work with the customer or park then it can go well. We tend to work our way around the country so logistically it makes it easier to move in a circle or along the coast. Sometimes we are lucky enough to be given accommodation by the parks, otherwise it’s a local hotel. It does depend if you're doing lots of small individual jobs on various parks or one big repair/refurb for one customer over a period of days. Though after a week it can be nice to get home. 

DE: What sets you apart as a repairer and service agent do you think?
We pride ourselves in delivering excellent outcomes for customers – we know how important their ‘home from home’ is and we always make sure that we go the extra mile. We consider that our industry knowledge and experience coupled with our commitment to great customer service definitely sets us apart. Our engineers have all served time in the industry and learnt their particular trade within the industry working for parks before coming to us. It's not as easy as some think to work on caravans, so when your staff are aware of what they can come up against it does make it easier.

They are proud members of the Gas Safe Register, Water Regulations Advisory Scheme (WRAS), British Holiday & Homes Park Association, UKLPG Association and The Federation of Small Business.

Add these to the list of some of the biggest and smallest park operator for which they are approved contractors, and you know you are dealing with experts in their field.

  Published on 22 September 2022 By Jenny Blumsom