NACO & Covid-19 (coronavirus)

So, it seems that social distancing and self-isolation is paramount whilst not forgetting to look after our older generation too.

Our industry – like others – will be hit hard by the virus. For many it’s far from ‘business as usual’ and people and businesses are preparing for school closures and lockdown. It will undoubtably be the greatest test that our generation has ever faced.

At NACO we’re taking precautions and making preparations. We are open – and will remain so – as working from home will not be possible for us as an organisation. Our team have been briefed and we’re making plans to keep our offices running whilst not putting any of our staff at risk. This means reducing numbers and running split shifts, so please be patient with us during this difficult time – we will answer your call or get back you.

We urge people to take the correct measures advised by our Government and global health experts. Take some time out, read a book, paint the bedroom or cut the grass! Luckily technology will allow us to stay in touch with our loved ones easier than ever before. The quicker we adopt these habits the quicker we’ll beat this thing.

So far, holiday parks (for the most part) are staying open whilst at the same time having to close their restaurants, bars and other facilities to adhere to Government instructions helping to keep us all safe.

If we have any further information, we’ll issue it across our social media and on our website.

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  Published on 19 March 2020 By Dan Ellacott

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