Chancellor Rishi Sunak recently announced that EVERY DOMESTIC ELECTRICITY CUSTOMER across the country will receive a £400.00 discount off their Energy Bill from October, in an effort by the UK Government to help millions of households cope with the cost of living crisis. The full £400.00 will be made as a Grant, which means it does not have to be repaid. Energy Suppliers will deliver this support to households with a domestic electricity meter over a period of six months from October 2022.

Unfortunately, as things stand at the moment not everyone will receive the extra financial help,  especially people living in park homes or using off grid gas supplies.

MPs have recently asked the Department for Business Energy & Industrial Strategy, about ensuring people living in Park Homes - including those who are elderly and vulnerable - can in some way access this support for their energy bills this Winter. There are various other support schemes available for example: Warm Home Discount scheme and the ongoing Winter Fuel Payment scheme and Cold Weather Payments (£25.00 for prolonged drop in temperature).

and instead receive a £50.00 payment in February 2023 as part of the Low Income Winter Heating Assistance scheme.

NACO is seeking a suitable route to add pressure on the Government to find a way of paying £400.00 support to Mobile Home & Leisure Home Owners.

Sharp rise in the cost of new static caravans and leisure lodges

2022 has seen a sharp increase in the cost of new Holiday Statics and Lodges.

Despite this Manufacturers have full order books, although fulfilling the orders is proving difficult. Parks can wait up to six months for new Holiday Statics – Luxury Lodges up to a year. Forward ordering has helped the market somewhat.

As a result Parks are relying more heavily on used stock to maintain Sales numbers. Unfortunately, the knock on effect is that they are selling at a premium.

In the past most Parks would limit the age of the used units they were selling to between five and seven years old. Now units of up to twelve to fifteen years old are being placed on pitches for sale, due to shortages of stock and to keep pitches full.

Fortunately for those buying the older used statics, the build quality of those built twelve/fifteen years ago was far better than those built during the 1980s/1990s. Some reassurance then for those starting out with an older holiday static.

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  Published on 01 September 2022 By Jenny Blumsom