We all love our caravans but we also know that things can get a little cramped from time to time! Caravans can quickly feel cluttered and messy between the coats and shoes and toys and beach gear.


Here are some clever storage hacks to help your caravan feel like a tidy, organised and serene place to relax.

Start with a declutter

We could have all the clever storage solutions in the world, but if our caravans are full of unnecessary clutter then they will always feel messy and disorganised. Start with a serious declutter, getting rid of anything you don’t need or use. If you need some decluttering inspiration, read Marie Kondo’s book ‘The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up’. It sounds dull but it’s a game-changer for messy people who hold on to their clutter!

Use vacuum storage bags

If you’ve got bulky items such as blankets, duvets, pillows and towels stored away in case you have guests then get yourself some vacuum storage bags. Vacuum bags will compress your items by removing all the air with either a hand pump of a vacuum cleaner. This can save up to 50% of the space and they have the added benefit of protecting your items from the damp.

Use collapsible items

Did you know you can get collapsible washing up bowls, laundry baskets, colanders, food storage boxes and even measuring cups? These are a great way to save space, especially for bulky items like laundry baskets.

Bedside space savers

Our caravan came with bedside tables but these bulky items took up a lot of space and didn’t offer much in the way of storage. So we got rid of the bedside tables and replaced them with handy bedside storage pockets and lamps that clipped onto the headboard. We now have plenty of space to walk around the bed and the same amount of storage.

Take photos of your cupboards

If you’re anything like me, you’ll forget what you’ve got at your caravan after a couple of weeks away from it. Take photos of your cupboards so you remember what you’ve left there and you won’t be tempted to take more tins of beans!

The main reason my caravan gets messy and disorganised is simply because we have too much stuff there. Too many coats, toys, towels and tins of beans!

Get some outdoor storage benches

Outdoor storage benches have been the best investment for us, giving us somewhere to store muddy boots and wellies, toys, beach gear, umbrellas and outdoor cushions. Then they double up as extra seating for guests.

Indoor storage stools and footrests

The same applies to your indoor space too. Storage stools, pouffes or footrests offer clever and attractive storage and provide an extra seating option for guests.

Use sticky hooks

If your caravan doesn’t have a cloak room then you will probably end up with a pile of coats around your front door. Add sticky hooks to smooth surfaces near the front door to stop the coats piling up! Cheap adhesive hooks are surprisingly sticky and will easily hold a lightweight jacket or two.

Use over the door hooks

Over door hooks are a simple and affordable way to add extra hanging space to your caravan, whether you use it for coats, towels, bags or clothing. They also avoid adding holes into your caravan walls or doors which would be necessary for wall hooks.

Use a hanging clothes organiser

Utilise the vertical space inside your wardrobe with a hanging clothes organiser. These are great for kids’ clothes or any clothes that don’t need to be hung up.

Go digital

Many of us have a nostalgic attachment to paper books and print magazines but they can take up a lot of space if you’re storing them in your caravan. Upgrade to a tablet and you can store all of your books, newspapers and magazines in one slimline device!

Add plastic storage drawers inside wardrobes

If you have plenty of wardrobe space but not enough draws then get yourself a lightweight set of plastic drawers for inside your wardrobes. They offer much more storage than a hanging rail.

Use a hanging shoe holder

If you’ve got extra wardrobe space then a hanging shoe holder can be a great space saver. Add it to your wardrobe and insert all of your family’s lightweight shoes. It can also be used for small items and those bits and bobs that clutter up your caravan.

Make sure your crockery is all stackable

Save space in your kitchen cupboards by having easily stackable crockery. Plates and bowls are usually fine but mugs and glasses can take up lots of space if they can’t be stacked. The same applies to pots, pans and roasting dishes.

Use a two or three tier shelving unit in kitchen cupboards

Tiered shelving units are a great addition to kitchen cupboards. They’ll help you neatly stack items whilst still giving you access to everything on the bottom.

Get a Lazy Susan for corner cupboards

If you’ve got difficult-to-reach corner cupboards then get yourself a Lazy Susan! This spinning cupboard organiser will help you get to anything at the back. You can even get two or three tiered ones for bigger spaces.

Use decorative baskets on top of your cupboards

If there’s a space between your kitchen cupboards and the ceiling then utilise it for storage! Grab some decorative baskets and add any items that don’t get much use

Can you store bulky items underneath your caravan?

Many static caravans are raised from the ground and larger outdoor items can be stored beneath them. Use this space for folding outdoor furniture, outdoor toys, kayaks and paddleboards.

Get a drop-leaf table

If your caravan dining table doesn’t get much use then swap it for a drop-leaf table. The IKEA Norden Gateleg table is a great option as it can be folded down to a slim set of three draws or folded out to seat up to six people.

  Published on 22 September 2022 By Jenny Blumsom