Advice: Life's a Pitch!

One of the many appealing elements of owning a static holiday caravan or lodge on a holiday park is the associated pitch, which will have been chosen for a variety of reasons. Maybe it’s tucked away, maybe it has a fantastic view or perhaps it’s in the thick of things, allowing you to keep your finger on the pulse. Whatever the situation, your pitch will always remain part of the park. This confers some rights to the park owner, which although they arise infrequently are disruptive, but nevertheless understandable. 

Possibly the biggest upheaval can occur if the park management need to move your holiday home. This can be due to redevelopment or some necessary maintenance work. If the move turns out to be permanent, you really want to be located on a pitch that is comparable to the one that you originally chose at the outset. It can’t be identical, so one needs to be reasonable when making a comparison.

If you’re as happy as you can be with the new pitch that is offered, all well and good. But if there is a noticeable loss of quality or facilities, then you will probably want the park to address the matter. The BH&HPA and NCC each have standard wordings that address this issue:

“If the consequence of the redevelopment or maintenance work is that the original pitch is less pleasant, or if the move is permanent, we must offer an alternative pitch of similar quality to the original pitch as it was before the move.”

In the wake of an increase in the number of calls we receive relating to pitch redevelopment, we have directed NACO members to the dispute resolution procedures operated by the NCC and BH&HPA, with good rates of success.

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  Published on 02 February 2018 By Dan Ellacott

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