ABI, which designs and builds holiday homes and luxury lodges in Beverley, East Yorkshire, has put in place projects to reduce their impact on the environment and to support the great work carried out by charities in their local community.

ABI has been investing in its environmental impact efforts for many years now. In 2013 they became the first holiday home manufacturer to invest in a biomass boiler to consume waste materials to heat their factory, reducing their consumption of fossil fuels as well as the amount of waste transported to landfill. Since then, further investment has been made in energy efficient lighting and some of its motor fleet has been switched to hybrid or all-electric vehicles. In 2021 the majority of their electricity supplies were from zero carbon sources, and they became the first holiday home manufacturer to be certified carbon neutral.

This investment in the environment also extends to the holiday homes and lodges that ABI manufactures. ABI’s holiday homes are built with details that aid sustainability – for example watersaving sanitaryware, extra insulation and energy-saving lightbulbs. However, for 2021 and beyond they are going one step further.

From 1 September 2021 ABI has pledged that for every holiday home or lodge that it sells they will plant a tree in the UK and support a carbon offsetting project elsewhere in the world. The tree planting in the UK more than offsets the carbon created in making each holiday home over the tree’s lifetime. Supporting global carbon offsetting projects does the same, but more immediately.

At the same time as making its environmental commitments, ABI is also supporting causes a little closer to home. Their new initiatives will see £10 donated to support critical work carried out by local charities and volunteers for every holiday home or lodge that they sell. The organisations being supported have been selected by ABI employees – the four charities they have chosen to support this year are Yorkshire Air Ambulance, the Candlelighters Trust, Neighbourhood Network (Humberside) and Hull 4 Heroes.

“...we became the first holiday
 home manufacturer to be
 certified carbon neutral...”

These initiatives may look small for each individual holiday home or lodge but add up to make a big impact on both the environment and the lives of people supported by the work of ABI’s chosen charities.

  Published on 15 September 2022 By Jenny Blumsom