Top 6 Ways To Reduce Your Static Caravan Insurance Quote

A static caravan is a type of recreational vehicle that is built on a chassis with four wheels and has its own self-contained living quarters. They are often found in holiday parks, campsites or trailer parks where people can rent them for their use. 

Static caravans are also popular among families who want to experience the life of camping without having to worry about pitching tents and packing up all their belongings every day. But what if you have one? How do you find out if your insurance quote will be high or low?

Read this blog post our team here at NACO have created, it will tell you the top 6 ways to reduce your static caravan insurance quote! If you still would like to find out more afterwards, please feel free to contact our team today, we are more than happy to discuss your specific needs and requirements.

Search For The Best Deals
When it comes to searching for insurance policies for your static caravan we recommend shopping around. You would always do this for your car insurance and your home insurance so why would you not do the same when shopping for caravan insurance?

You could use a comparison website and input all your details to see what policies come back at the best price, or you could do it manually for each company you find. 

Here at NACO, we pride ourselves on offering competitive prices for all of our static caravan insurance quotes, we are proud of our policy and our fantastic service - we also offer our member’s benefits package.

Finding an insurance company that works with you rather than against you is one of the best things you can do.

Try And Go For Higher Excess
When it comes to insurance policies it is the same process for all of them, whether you are looking for a home, car or static caravan insurance. The more excess you are willing to put forward, the better the quote will be. This is reflective of the amount you would pay should you need to make a claim, with the insurance company covering the rest. So for example, if you put £500 excess your insurance quote would be higher than if you put down £1000 excess. These figures are just an example. 

You can do this when finding online quotes by changing the excess amount in the initial process, by having the chance to view different quotes will help you decide the amount you wish to go for. Seeing the various changes based on the excess you choose will help you find the right policy for you and your static caravan.

Consider Monthly Vs Upfront
Once you have gone through the process of finding a static caravan insurance policy that works for you, you still need to figure out what works best for you in regards to how the policy will financially affect you. Alike to most insurance policies you can choose to either pay for your policy in monthly instalments or yearly. 

The biggest part to understand about the difference is that paying monthly doesn’t reduce the overall premium, it will, however, mean there will be interest to pay, this is the same as any form of the monthly payment system. Due to this, your policy may look more expensive when you pay monthly, which it is, but due to the interest. Paying in one lump sum saves you from paying high interest rates, but it is understandable not everyone can spend such a large amount at once and would prefer to pay monthly. Both options are available.

Don't Pay More Than Needed
When you are searching for insurance policies you need to make sure you are checking with other businesses the amount you are spending, it is very easy when shopping for insurance to pay over the nose. As well as this if you don’t look into the fine details of your new policy you could be left paying above usual rates for things you thought were covered that aren’t. 

Higher valuations mean higher premiums and people are often tempted to choose an undervalued price for their static caravan, this will only come back to haunt you should anything go wrong in the future. If you are looking for ways to save on your caravan insurance, you should be looking to reduce the amount you are spending on contents insurance, rather than your actual caravan insurance.

Do You Need To Make A Claim?
As with most insurance policies your static caravan insurance policy will have a no claims bonus, this works for customers who have had insurance for a number of years and have not made a single claim. Sometimes it is a decision that needs to be thought about, if you have some damage to your caravan and it will be a relatively low cost to replace, you may choose not to go through your insurer. This is especially important if you have chosen a high excess policy, you are sometimes better at dealing with it on your own.

Don’t Be Lax With Cover Needs
When it comes to deciding the cover needs you need to be more cautious, do not be lax with what you want to be covered. If there is something you think might need to be covered on the policy but you are unsure, you are better off adding it to your policy. 

Obviously, we hope you will never have to make a claim, but it can happen where you are left in a pickle and need your insurance company to help. Making sure your static caravan is not under-insured is vital to making sure you receive the help you may need in the future. Your beloved static caravan could be ruined by simply not having the right insurance and cover, please do not be lax with what you need from your cover.

Contact NACO Today For More Information
Caravan insurance is a necessary expense for those who own static homes. If you are looking to reduce your quote, we’ve got some tips that may help! The first thing to do when shopping around for the best caravan cover deals is to find out what kind of risk profile your caravan has.

These factors can all increase the price of your coverage in different ways. Here are 6 top tips on how you might be able to save money on caravans insurance, courtesy of NACO Insurance Services.  Contact us today if you would like more information about our company's services - one of our experts will be able to answer any questions or queries you might have. Let us help you find the best static caravan insurance quote with our team today. 

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  Published on 23 August 2021 By Dan Ellacott

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