Quick Fire Buyer's Guide 2019

Buying a Static Holiday Caravan

1. Pick an area you like, or would be prepared to go to every weekend, normally no more than 2-3hrs from home

2. Do your research! - use the internet especially independent websites, forums, facebook pages and groups

3. Don't listen to the really good stories or indeed the really bad stories, unless there's lots of them!

4. Do more research - you will be presented with lots of 'deals' and 'offers'

5. Don't get tempted into signing up for a deal - every day you'll get a deal if you're buying!

6. Do some more research

7. Be prepared to walk away...

8. Sit down and calculate what it will cost this cost you when the offers and schemes are over.

9. When you've narrowed it down - go with your gut instinct

10. Sit back, relax and enjoy!

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  Published on 04 September 2019 By Dan Ellacott

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