Product Review: Aztec Windbreak

I’m not a windbreak specialist but some time ago at a little festival a friend of mine stuck up a couple of windbreaks. They were such good quality and looked fantastic that I jumped online and found and got in touch with them. The nice people at Blue Diamond and Outdoor Revolution kindly sent us one in to review.

Firstly, this is a premium windbreak. Hence the higher price. It comes with a nice carry case – in matching patterned material – and has the big benefit of metal tops (for hammering in) and metal spiked bottoms to help with getting the breaker staked into the ground.

This version is the ‘Aztec’, however they also do a ‘Floral’ and an ‘Apache’. It’s very well made and sturdy and you get the impression that this is how windbreakers ‘used to be made’!

As noted, this worked really well at a campsite for a festival as our little area was quickly identifiable by the vibrant pattern. 

For more information and to find out where to buy, check it out here:

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  Published on 11 September 2018 By Dan Ellacott

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