NACO - A Mean, Green Machine?

At our offices, we try our best to be conscious of our environmental impact, both at home and at work. We’re attempting to use less paper and print less – this is greatly helped by the abundance of digital options available to us and we’re working on paperless options for our members too. We source products and services from trusted local providers and recycle whatever we can in the building.

We recently spoke with our magazine printer – Optimum Print – about the green credentials of The Holiday Caravanner print process. Part of this commitment means that we will be moving to a potato starch wrapper for mailing, which means that the whole thing is biodegradable. 

Here’s the information that they sent over about the printing of the magazine…

• We hold ISO 14001 certification which is attained by following strict guidelines regrading environmental issues and practices and is audited regularly

• Our policy of recycling paper and board has on average put 125 tonnes of material back into the recycling system per year.

• All of our paper and board is FSC accredited, please go to where you will find Information about what this means. This is a system of management and care of Forests, the workers, and has a chain of custody so all paper and boards are produced in a sustainable way.

• It is worth mentioning that web-based printers do not offer full FSC paper but a paper called mixed credit.

• Our plate system uses water to develop plates for printing and the chemical process we used to have has been taken out.

• Our ink tins are reused and or recycled as they are aluminium.

• Some of our presses use plastic sleeves instead of tins and these are recycled into flowerpots.

• We have kept up with the latest printing inks and use inks that have the lowest impact in terms of solvents.

• When not delivering by our own vans, we use an overnight service that is carbon neutral.

Watch this space for other green initiatives that we’ll be looking into for the future...

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  Published on 01 March 2020 By Dan Ellacott

About Dan Ellacott

Dan plays a key management role within NACO and also assists with our Advice Team and magazine production.