Our holiday home is a 2022 Willerby Manor on pitch 16 Greenhills Holiday Park near Bakewell. 

We started coming here with our first touring caravan around 15 years ago and have had a static caravan for 9 years. At our caravan are myself, my husband, our cat – Deano - and our new Cockerpoo puppy Arlo who we’ve had 5 weeks - he is now 21 weeks old. We have a lovely pitch – it’s very spacious and all the caravans are positioned around the edge of the field. 

We look up over the fields to the nearby village of Sheldon. As a child we stayed in caravans near the coast and my parents had touring caravans. We had to use a foot pump to get the water and our electric worked off a car battery. We had fun times and used to go to the Isle of Wight which I used to think was "abroad" as we went on the ferry. To save money as you paid on the length of car and caravan, - my Dad used to unhitch the van and push the A-frame under the car to save a couple of foot in money!

We bought a tourer 15 years ago after I had a brain haemorrhage. My hubby thought it would be a good way of getting me to relax. We started off with a £4,000 tourer and bought a new Kia Sorento to tow it. We loved it so much that after 6 months we bought a year old Eldiss Avante. We thought we had the world as it had a fixed bed! Then after a year we went to NEC show and bought a new Eldiss Super Surroco. 

It was only because we came to our current site a lot when touring that we found out about a static for sale and just had to have it! We had our last static for 8 years. It came to the end of life on the site so we bought the new van which is basically an updated version of our old Willerby Aspen. 

Our purchase went well we visited the Willerby Show Ground but due to Covid had a 9 month wait

Places nearby are Chatsworth House which holds many events the Horse Trials, Country Fair and concerts. The village of Bakewell is around a mile away famous for Bakewell pudding and tarts. Matlock is nearby and lots of lovely walks, being in the heart of the Peak District. 

Facilities on site include a lovely bar which used to be stables so is called the Stable Bar. There is an office, which sells essentials and a games room, children’s play area, football field and dog walking field all kept lovely. The only problems are lots of teething issues which Willerby are going to sort out for us. 

Tips for start of season; if you have drained down at the end of the season a good clean at beginning is all that’s needed. Ours is never too bad as our site is a 10 month one so it's only shut for 8 weeks. We bought our new caravan as it had to be replaced. 

When purchasing a holiday home make sure it fits all your requirements and of course will fit on your pitch. We have a lovely caravan and can recommend the Willerby Manor.

  Published on 22 September 2022 By Jenny Blumsom