A Tour of the Oakland Lodge Holiday Home and Static Caravan

Welcome to the Oakland Lodge Holiday Home virtual tour! If you're looking for a great holiday experience that combines the comfort of a holiday home with the convenience of a static caravan, then Oakland Lodge is the perfect destination. From its spacious interior to its tranquil outdoor spaces, this holiday home and static caravan offers the ideal setting for a memorable vacation. Come take a tour with us and explore all the wonderful amenities and features that Oakland Lodge has to offer!

The Oakland Lodge from Love Holiday Homes!

When choosing your holiday home it’s a huge commitment not only to the park on which its situated but to the flexibility of the unit and how it supports your needs and wants; whether you’re a solo traveller bringing along a 4 paws, a cosy couple looking for quiet secluded breaks or its full on family time with everybody in tow ready for a new adventure, The Oakland is ticking all the boxes.

Once you’ve seen one caravan it can feel like you’ve seen them all, but The Oakland really does set itself apart.  I love the boot/utility room on entering the van, not a common or standard feature in most units but it would be an essential for me…perfectly practical for any user. 

Another surprising feature is the amount of space that has been allocated to the second bedroom.  Second bedrooms mostly comprise of two three quarter size single beds slotted into a space the size of the bathroom.  No space to walk around, very little storage and designed at best as a place to rest your head…not so in The Oakland. 

The Oakland second bedroom is a decent sized room with its own dressing area and overhead cupboards.  There are no short straws.  This is a great room for both adults and children alike.

I’m also impressed with how an alcove in the hallway, cleverly gives the illusion of more space and includes an inset bookcase. It really opens up the hallway and this is a fine example of how the team at Love Holiday Homes really do put attention to detail at the core of their company values.

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  Published on 23 February 2023 By Jenny Blumsom