Do You Need Static Caravan Insurance?

In short, static caravan insurance isn’t a legal requirement like that of vehicle insurance, however most holiday parks require you to have it in order to keep your static caravan on their sites. That being said, there are many more benefits of having static caravan insurance vastly outweighs the benefits of not having it, simply because of how much cover the basic insurance offers.

When deciding whether or not static caravan insurance is good for you, there are several important things to consider. Here at NACO, we are experts in all things relation to static caravan and are on hand to offer advice and guidance on static caravan insurance.

The Benefits of Static Caravan Insurance

More and more people are choosing to purchase a static caravan for use as a summer holiday home rather than paying for a rental or travelling abroad.

With that in mind, static caravan insurance has grown in popularity for a number of reasons including:

Peace of Mind: Typically, a static caravan will be empty for the majority of the year, meaning there are more opportunities for thieves or burglars to take advantage.

Static caravan insurance typically includes cover against theft as standard so you know that even if your static caravan is targeted your belongings will be insured and either replaced, or you will receive the cash equivalent.

Do you need static caravan insurance?

Holiday Park Requirement: While not every holiday park will require your static caravan to be insured, the majority of holiday parks insist on this rule. Failure to provide relevant insurance documentation can lead to you being turned away from your chosen holiday park. In order to have the first pick of any holiday park, make sure your static caravan has all the recommended insurance.

Public Liability Cover: If somebody has an accident at your static caravan, or your static caravan causes damage to nearby properties (such as having the roof blown off during a bad storm and landing on someone's home) you will be liable for any and all damages. Public liability cover will cover the cost of both compensation and any legal fees incurred, saving you from a potentially hefty price tag.

Covers Damage from Renters: Many static caravan owners choose to rent out their caravan when they aren’t using it for a bit of extra income. However, renters can cause damage, both accidental and intentional, or decide to not pay money owed for a stay. While it’s typically an add on to the standard insurance policy, you’ll be compensated for any of these occurrences so you don’t find yourself out of pocket.

Financial Assistance: Coming back to a static caravan that has suffered from the effects of the Great British weather, accidental damage, or vandalism can be disheartening if significant damage has occurred. Luckily, static caravan insurance covers damage by default and - depending on your policy - all damages can be compensated for or your insurance will cover a portion of the costs required for repairs.

What Doesn’t Insurance Cover?

While we would always recommend getting insurance for your static caravan, there are a few things that insurance doesn’t cover and you, as an owner of a static caravan, need to be prepared for. Though the list is rather short, the following may not be covered by your static caravan insurance:

Trading: Static caravan insurance will not cover anything to do with trading, whether you’re operating a small business or selling products from your caravan. Instead, business insurance may be a better option to protect goods or services.

Flood Damage: If you keep your static caravan in a location that is prone to flooding, your insurance may not provide coverage or may specify whether flood damage will be covered depending on the location your static caravan is kept. Make sure to investigate this before leaving your static caravan in a place with high flood risk.

Still not sure? Let our team at NACO help!

If this information hasn’t been enough to help you decide whether static caravan insurance is right for you or not, get in touch with our team today! We’re on hand to answer any questions or queries about static caravan insurance, the benefits, and can help find the right policy for you! Don’t hesitate, we’re just a phone call away and can’t wait to hear from you!

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