Are you a budding photographer? Maybe you do it for a living? You might just enjoy ‘capturing the moment’. Either way with the superb level of cameras that pretty much everyone has in their pockets nowadays (smart phones!) it’s never been easier…

We’re looking for park-related photos that we can showcase in the magazine or on the cover.


Portrait shots work better (short edge at top/portrait shots are taller than they are wide). Because of the way the magazine is presented, photographs taken in a portrait format are more suitable. Bear in mind also, that we use a ‘strap’ along the top and have text at the bottom.

• Quality is important – the image needs to be sharp and clean and in focus. As we’ll be printing the image (across thousands and thousands of issues!) we need to make sure that it’ll look great for the readers.

• If there are people in your photo please make sure you have their permission to take and use the photo. Check for any signs/notices prohibiting photography. If you are on private property you can only take photos if you have permission to be there. In general, courtesy pays off; if in doubt ask.

• Seasonal & Topical. We try and ensure that the cover represents the season and is relevant to the membership. For instance a snowy park glistening in the morning sun would be great for our Winter magazine.

• Submit as many as you like! There isn’t a limit to the number of entries that you can send in.

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  Published on 08 June 2023 By Jenny Blumsom