Caravan insurance cost

Posted 13 September by Steve Dart

So how much will caravan insurance for your static or mobile home really set you back? We have a look at the cost of standard cover and the kinds of policy extensions you might want to consider. We will also look at why insurance for your caravan or mobile home is certainly worth considering.

The cost of cover

Insurance for your static or mobile home, or perhaps lodge, can start from as little as £80 a year. This amount is normally the cost of basic cover and will normally include cover for flood, theft, fire and storm damage as well as public liability, usually with an excess charged in the event of a claim. This standard cover is the choice for many caravan owners, although some may want to add certain elements to the cover. Read on to find out what they are.

New for old or Market value?

This is a key consideration when you get insurance. New for old means that should your caravan need replacing it will be replaced with a brand new equivalent version of your model. Market value means that you will be insured to replace your caravan with a unit that is of the same age and specification. For some, this is an additional policy cost worth paying, but not for others.

Further extensions

Further extensions to your policy may include Vermin Cover, Loss of Keys, Removal of Debris, Removal Re-siting, Loss of Rent, Freezer Cover, Undercover Pipework, Malicious Damage When Let and Domestic Pets. In some cases selection of these extensions may increase the amount of your annual policy payment but can save you a lot of money should something go wrong. Whether you need these additional extensions will depend on your situation. Damage when Let and Loss of Rent are well worth considering should you be planning to sublet your caravan. Pet cover only really applies to those with pets. Removal and Re-siting, however, should be carefully considered as the cost of this can be significant.

Is it worth it?

Few caravan owners would argue against the case for static home insurance. Static caravans are more likely to be damaged by weather than a traditional ‘bricks and mortar’ home.. That being said, the cost, which is, in fact, comparable to home insurance, is much less than site or maintenance fees and can save owners a lot of money should the worst happen to their beloved mobile home. Although mobile home insurance isn't a legal requirement of ownership, most sites and contracts will insist you have it.

So your caravan insurance cost will start at around the same price as good home insurance.

However, the likelihood of you making a claim on that cover is much higher. From storm cover to public liability and even removal of the van, this expense is small by comparison. Look out for insurance providers that also offer free advice and support for caravan owners.