Advice: Saving Private Buyin'

Most of the considerations when buying privately (via a caravan owner) are the same as if you’re buying through the park. However, the main thing for us to highlight is to make sure that the park owner is involved in the sale.

We’ve come across a few situations lately where the deal was done without the park owner’s knowledge. The biggest risk is that you’ll end up owning the caravan but not having anywhere to site it!

This isn’t meant to put you off – buying privately can be really beneficial for you – especially from a costs perspective. Also the van will often come with added extras, such as decking and sheds, which can be expensive to buy on top of a new caravan.If the seller won’t complete the sale without the involvement of the park owner – walk away! The park needs to be aware of the sale, and you need to be given paperwork that relates to the pitch, the park, and charges such as site fees. It’s normal practice for the park owner to charge the seller a commission and it’s important that this is addressed too.

In summary:
• Make sure all sale transactions involve the park owner.
• Complete the sale only when written confirmation of the transfer has been provided.

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  Published on 10 July 2018 By Dan Ellacott

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