How to make an Insurance Claim

So, you’ve had an incident that means making a claim under your NACO policy. We want to ensure that your claim is dealt with quickly and efficiently so it’s essential that you give us as much information as possible.

Contrary to popular belief, insurers actually want valid claims dealt with and settled promptly. We reckon that most people don’t want the inconvenience of making an insurance claim – we’ll try and make the process as trouble-free for you as possible.

Take a look through this guide, which should help to explain the process and answer some frequently asked questions:

First steps:

  • Check your policy wording and your insurance schedule to ensure that you are covered for the loss or damage that has occurred. In addition please refer to your policy condition and check any exclusion or limitation that may apply.
  • Inform the police straight away in the case of vandalism, malicious damage, theft, or attempted theft. Make sure you request a crime reference number.
  • Complete the enclosed claim form and return it to us as quickly as possible. If you cant obtain estimates for repair within a reasonable timeframe, still return the claim form to us noting that estimates for repair will follow.

Please Note!

  • Where your claim is for damage to panels, significant delays are likely to occur due to the time needed to obtain new parts from manufacturers. New panels may not exactly match the original colour either due to the age of the caravan or fading of the undamaged parts.
  • If you are insured on a market value basis its possible that you may be asked to make a contribution towards the claim. For example, if you are claiming for a new carpet, and the old one has seen better days. See the area of your policy that is titled “Basis of Settlement” for further details, or give us a call.

Making a claim FAQ’s

Q. Who is Leisure Home Insurance, I thought my insurance was with NACO?
NACO is an appointed representative of Leisure Home Insurance PLC, which enables us to provide an insurance policy to our members. Leisure Home Insurance is based in the same building as us and we discuss insurance related matters with them. They will handle your claim and are available to discuss any questions or concerns that you have.

Q. How much is my Excess?
The standard excess with NACO is £75. Check your policy wording for any variations. You’ll find them in the column titled “exclusions” or “what is excluded”.

Q. What or who are the Underwriters?
These are a panel of insurers at Lloyd’s who provide you with your cover and settle your claims in accordance with policy and conditions.

Q. What or who is a Loss Adjuster?
Your underwriters employ specialist firms, staffed by people who have experience and expertise, to carry out detailed and – in some instances – prolonged investigations of complex and large losses. They are called Loss Adjusters. They make recommendations on the amount to be paid in settlement of your claim on the basis of established market practice, taking into account your policy cover.

If your claim is referred to a loss adjuster you will then deal with them directly. Once appointed, they will telephone you in order to make an appointment with you at the caravan to inspect and assess the damage.

Obviously, if problems arise with this arrangement please give us a call.

What happens next?

  1. Having inspected your caravan and assessed the loss or damage the adjustor will prepare a preliminary report.
  2. This report is then forwarded to your Underwriters for there consideration.
  3. Assuming that Underwriters are content and do not require any further information they will instructed and if there is also a claim for contents this can then be finalised.

Q. I’ve got a burst pipe – am I covered?
This is a common enquiry during the winter months and its essential that you understand the area of your policy that relates to this cover please refer to your policy document and check the peril “escape of water” for full details.

Essentially, it’s your responsibility to ensure that your caravan is protected from damage as a result of frost. Underwriters will only be able to assist if policy conditions have been complied with.