Why is insurance for caravans so important?

Posted 16 August by Steve Dart

You might think that your mobile home doesn't need insurance. It's true that the law doesn't require it in the same way it does for a standard residential home. However, as you'll see in this article then insurance for a static caravan is absolutely paramount and can help you save on significant costs.

Caravan park rules

The vast majority of caravan parks insist that owners insure their static homes, despite the fact that it's not required by law. This means that even if it wasn't for any of the many reasons listed here, you simply need to insure your static home in order to stay in line with the park rules and regulations and importantly, in order to keep it sited on your chosen site.

Higher risk

It may surprise many people but, there is a higher chance that a claim will be made against a static home rather than your physical home, this is why the premiums are potentially higher than for your buildings insurance. This higher risk only proves the point that insurance for caravans is worth paying for, whether you live in it most of the year or just use it for the occasional break.

Year round cover

It's highly unlikely that you will be in your static home all year round. Even if it is your main residence and not your holiday home, most parks still require you to vacate for a period each year. Insurance ensures it is protected when you're not around. This includes freezing pipes in winter as well as theft and vandalism when the caravan is empty.

Protect you from large payouts

As with all insurance, static caravan insurance protects you as the owner from making large payments when something does go wrong. In the case of static homes, this may be storm damage, flood damage or the cost of clearance when your caravan is beyond repair. Having your caravan removed from the site when it's beyond repair is a significantly high cost, as is re-siting, delivery and the plumbing in of a new one and whilst you hope it never happens, should it do so, you'll be glad you have the right cover.

The voice of reason

One thing that mobile home owners repeatedly complain about is arguments or disagreement with park owners. A good insurance company will be able to bridge the gap and can act as the voice of reason, listening to your side and that of the park owner. A good caravan insurance company will be objective and will also have good industry knowledge.

'New for Old' clause

A good insurance company will allow you to insure your caravan for the new price should you opt for the New for Old clause. Unlike houses, which generally appreciate in price over time, caravans always depreciate but the right insurance company will pay out according to the 'As New' price and not the current value, should you choose that option.

As you can see, insurance for caravans and static homes is essential if you want to protect your mobile home, whether it's from damage, theft, fire or claims against your property.