Why Is Caravan Insurance So Important?

Posted 5 November by Steve Dart

People sometimes wonder whether paying the static caravan insurance cost is worth it and ask themselves why it's so important. The simple answer is that it gives you peace of mind that your investment is safe, but there's also more to it than that.

Think about why you bought your caravan in the first place; the chances are, it will have something to do with getting away from things, a change of scenery and having somewhere to go away from the regular stresses of everyday life.

Caravans are becoming increasingly popular, and it isn't difficult to understand why. They offer a great value-for-money way of owning a bolthole or holiday home and freedom that people might not otherwise be able to afford. Some opt for a regular weekend away in a caravan, for others it's further away as a holiday destination, and in that situation especially, where you're much further away, having good insurance in place is especially important in case something goes wrong.

Knowing that you're covered in case of accident or incident, just as you are at home, is inevitably worth it. Insurance is easy to apply for, especially if you have internet access: you can have a quote in a matter of minutes.

Getting the Right Cover

As you would when insuring your home, your car or anything else, you need to make sure your cover matches your needs. Be honest, and give as much information as you can. For example, if your caravan is a holiday home and you allow friends and family to stay there, say that. Equally, if you rent it out as a business and it is a source of income, declare that - you'll need public liability cover.

Nuts and Bolts of Cover

Accidents happen. Trees fall down, windows get broken and damage takes its toll. Fires happen sometimes, and in a caravan, the fire doesn't need to burn long to be completely devastating. In that instance, little is salvageable and the caravan is a write-off. Your caravan insurance cost should have nominated a "new for old" replacement, which would enable you to buy a brand new version or if you’re insured on a market value basis - enough to buy a similar second-hand unit.

Think about whether you will need contents insurance, too, which is important if you are using the caravan for longer periods. Be realistic about how much it would cost you to replace everything. Make sure the total sum is enough but also that any particularly valuable individual items are listed on their own for cover.

If the caravan has long been a dream, it will be no hardship to spend just a little more time looking into the right insurance cover. Shop around, and make sure it covers what you need.