Tips for finding good deals on caravan insurance

Posted 7 September by Steve Dart

A caravan represents a sizeable investment so it is important to protect it. Finding trustworthy caravan insurance companies may require some research, and this is worth doing to ensure your happy place is covered whatever happens. The peace of mind this brings will add to your enjoyment of the caravan.

Home away from home

Static caravans tend to be more spacious and more comfortable than the touring kind, and the insurance policy should reflect this. When looking at offerings from caravan insurance companies for a static model, make sure they include protection against damage in storms, from fire and of course, theft. The policy should also provide cover for accidental damage, and any public liability issues. The excess should be minimal, and the policy should include compensation for spoilt food should the power supply to a freezer be interrupted. The park where your caravan is located could affect your policy cost too, as a good caravan park should be secure. Caravan parks can sometimes be flooded, so check that the policy will take care of your caravan in this eventuality.

If you rent out your static caravan, you may want to check that loss of income is also covered by the policy in the event of the caravan being unfit for use. Compensation for infestation with insects or vermin is another feature to look for, along with coverage of locks and keys.


The cheapest policy is not always the best. It may be worth paying a little more to get coverage to replacement value. It might also be worth checking for reviews online of companies. Weigh up factors such as customer service, ease of making a claim, and how long companies take to process claims.

It is so important to make sure your insurance covers every eventuality so have a good think before you enter into any agreement and detail exactly what you need to cover.