The pros and cons of caravan insurance

Posted 8 November by Jan Van Hanegem

The majority of caravanners are unaware that caravan insurance is something they should take out. This blog post will explore the pros and cons of caravan insurance, as well as how much it costs to insure a caravan. 

Caravan insurance is a type of insurance that covers your caravan and its contents in the event of theft, fire, flood or storm damage. Caravans are often towed behind cars and trailers so it’s important to make sure you’re protected against any potential accidents on the road.  The cost for this type of cover can vary depending on where you live but there are plenty of options available to suit all budgets. It might be worth checking if your car insurance already includes some level of protection for your caravan as well as what other types of cover it offers before opting for a separate policy!

Should you take out insurance on your static caravan? Before you do, read this essential guide put together by our team here at NACO to the pros and cons to make a more informed decision on caravan insurance.

The benefits of insurance for caravans

Insurance for static homes, holiday lodges or mobile homes is not currently a legal requirement in the UK, unlike car or buildings insurance. It is however highly advised and is also a requirement of most park owners and contracts. This makes it all but essential for any caravan owner. Some caravan parks up and down the country will only allow you to pitch on their parks if you have full insurance, this brings many benefits, the main one being if anything happens and you need financial help for the damages, your insurance will be able to help. 

The benefits are many and include being covered for weather damage whether it's a storm, snow, freezing pipes, frozen locks or flooding. Provided you take out caravan insurance with an established insurer, you should also be covered for public liability, vital in the current no-win-no-fee legal climate. Ensuring you choose a reputable company is crucial to having static caravan insurance that will actually be useful should you need it. 

Another major benefit of caravan insurance is that it can offer peace of mind to those who are not living full time in their caravan. When the caravan is unoccupied, certain measures need to be taken to ensure that the cover is met, but knowing that should something happen in the absence you are covered, is really vital for many owners. 

Those who plan on renting their caravan out to holidaymakers can also find that additional cover can help protect against loss or damage by hirers. You can find out more about the different types of static caravan insurance by calling our team today, we will be able to help with any questions you have about renting your property out and how it coincides with insurance. 

The disadvantage of caravan insurance

As you can see, the advantages to taking out caravan insurance are certainly many, but are there any disadvantages? For some caravan owners, the cost of caravan insurance is questioned, as in most instances it's slightly above that of your home insurance. This may seem unusual, or possibly unfair, as your main home is clearly more valuable. This is mainly due to the type of property it is, caravans are not as structurally sound as homes, and they are also easier to break into especially in winter seasons so you need to make sure you are covered for those issues. 

The chances of damage to your caravan are much higher, due to the nature of the building materials and the nature of occupancy. This means the likelihood of a claim is higher and thus the premiums too. Unlike a house, a caravan may need to be moved off-site should it need significant repairs, and this is also costly for those who don't have adequate insurance. Any owner who has had to make a claim learns fast how essential the cover is. 

The upshot is that the only real disadvantage of caravan insurance is not having any! Having static caravan insurance is really only a positive thing as you need to make sure you are covered should the worst happen, you really do not want to be left high and dry. 

If you don’t have static caravan insurance you may find yourself stuck if you have robbery, your caravan is damaged by weather or flooding, you need to ask yourself, should you be lumped with a large recovery bill, can you afford to fix it? 

You Decide What Is Best 

As you can see the pros to purchasing caravan insurance hugely outweigh the only disadvantage, being the higher cost in comparison to buildings insurance. The wealth of benefits can help you in a number of ways, whether it's for peace of mind when you're away or knowing that you can get a new one for the old price should the worst happen. The best of this is the peace of mind of knowing one of your prized assets is fully covered! Static caravan insurance can help you out of many difficult situations, the biggest being that you may not have the finances should anything major happen, it is more important to protect your assets from the beginning than regret it in the long run. 

Contact NACO For More Info Today 

If you are considering caravan insurance, you should take some time to explore the options available on the market. Caravan Insurance is a complicated product with many features and benefits that can help reduce your risk of being without coverage in case something goes wrong. 


We hope this article has helped inform your decision-making process by highlighting the pros and cons associated with different types of caravan insurance policies. NACO offers competitive rates for static caravan insurance, which may be cheaper than other providers depending on how much cover you need! To find out more or get an instant quote call us today, our team are always more than happy to discuss any specific needs and requirements you might have.