Pitch Fee Increase Static Holiday Caravan Parks

Posted 18 August by Dan Ellacott


Pitch fee increase?

It's August!

Yep, that's right. Lots of NACO members have been in touch to tell us that they've recieved pitch fee increase already and the feedback is that the increases are above and beyond the norm. Here's our hit list to make sure that you know your rights...

1. Dig out your contract - if you've got written terms make sure that you've got them to hand

2. Review the notification letter against the contract - does the information in it explain the increase?

3. If you aren't happy with the explanation and / or the increase you need to object in writing, in most cases within 28 days. It can be an email, letter, fax, post-it note or the back of a fag packet but it needs to be in writing and make sure you keep a copy of snap a picture for proof. You can always copy us in too.

There's more information here about pitch fee increase and our guidance...

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