Online Caravan Insurance for Static Caravans

Posted 11 November by Steve Dart

Taking out your static caravan insurance online makes life easier for you. It also means you should receive a more competitive price, a faster quote and essentially it calls for a lot less paperwork! This speed and ease of delivery must never reduce the quality of service you receive. The following article details how to find an online static home insurance provider and how the process works from beginning to end.

Quality Online Insurance

When you look for an online caravan insurance quote, there's no reason this means you can't be absolutely diligent about gaining the best insurance from the most well-informed insurer. Look through reviews, testimonials and suggestions from fellow mobile home owners, perhaps using forums, to find a good online company. Look for credentials such as length of time in the industry as well as good connections with park owners and other stakeholders in the industry.

Getting an Online Quote

The beauty of the internet means you can fill out your details using an online form and receive your online caravan insurance quote straight into your email inbox. This is typically much faster than the traditional method of sending forms away and waiting for snail mail. It also saves you time as online forms are quicker and easier than fiddly paper and pens. A good insurer will be able to provide you with a comprehensive quote in no time and could even see you get covered that very same day.

Help with the Quote

Those who don't feel comfortable using an online form or who need additional support when filling out a form should have the opportunity to phone the dedicated customer line, where friendly experts should be on hand to help. A company that operates online should also be available to contact by phone or email.

Receiving Your Policy

When you take your insurance online you will still receive a paper copy of your policy. This will also be emailed to you and for peace of mind you may want to print it out and keep one copy in your residential home and one at your caravan.

Online Support

Sometimes you may just need advice or support. A good online insurer will also be able to offer further guidance and support, both online and via the phone.

The Benefits of Online Static Caravan Insurance

As well as being faster, quicker and easier, companies that can offer insurance policies online can also do so for a lower cost than those who find customers through brokers or comparison sites. This is because the customer comes directly to the provider and the saving on commission can be passed on to the caravan owner.

As you can see, online caravan insurance for static homes or holiday lodges is a great choice. It means faster quotes, less paperwork, better cover and in the case of established providers, excellent customer service.