How to get an instant online caravan insurance quote

Posted 8 February by Steve Dart

Aside from your home, your static caravan is probably your most valuable asset in cash terms, never mind the emotional investment you have placed within it, so it makes sense that you should take whatever steps necessary to make sure it is protected. That starts with taking out adequate insurance.

Compare caravan insurance quotes

Starting with an online caravan insurance quote is the quickest and easiest way to get quotes from lots of different companies for comparison. If you don't have internet access at home or on your mobile phone, your local library should have computers you can use.

Some simple research before you start looking will make things easier for you to compare quotes, and understand exactly what it is you're looking for. Be clear to check whether you are looking at static or mobile caravan insurance because there will be a difference.

Insurance for a towing caravan is very specific, and a trailer tent and folding camper even more so, so if your caravan is static, check for static caravan insurance and you should be able to cover contents too.

Think about how you will be using your caravan; will it be just you that uses the caravan, or will friends and family be using it, too? Perhaps you'll also be renting it out to people you don't know. As long as you state that up front with the insurers, you will be covered, though of course, there will be exceptions and you should be clear on these from the outset. Accidental damage and storm damage cover might be worth discussing or including on your quote.


Similar things will be excluded from your insurance cover as are not covered at home. General wear and tear will not be covered, nor damage caused by vermin. Mechanical breakdowns for things like a heating system or boiler might be covered separately, but not likely without a specific clause. This would be the case for other mechanical breakdowns like a fridge or other white appliances. They will come with a manufacturer's guarantee, but beyond that will need separate cover.

You are not likely to be allowed to run a business from your caravan, or use it for trading, but if it is your holiday home that won't bother you at all.


There are ways you can reduce your premium by making simple changes to the security of your property and by the very nature of a caravan, it will be left uninhabited for long periods, so add an alarm, or site it on a park with its own security and CCTV.

Other cover

Think about any specific cover you might need. If you are going to allow other people to use the caravan, give serious consideration to adding third party cover, and public liability. You might even want to list fatal injury on your policy if you will be renting your accommodation to people you don't know.

Covering your contents and personal effects is essential. Be realistic about the amount of cover you will need, and think about how much it would cost you to replace items if the need arose.

Once you have outlined your requirements, compare the different quotes. Read the detail and look at small print. The excess required is also worth remembering.