How to Claim for Caravan Holiday Home Insurance

Posted 4 January by Steve Dart

We would all prefer not to make a claim on our caravan holiday home insurance but, should something happen, it's a relief that we have insurance in place. Read on to find out exactly how to make a claim on your caravan insurance and how you can therefore be well prepared to make a claim.

Preparing for a Claim

In order to make a claim you will need to have your policy number to hand. The ideal situation is to keep one copy of your policy (complete with a contact number and details of what is covered by the policy) stored in your caravan and another copy stored at your home. This means that should something happen to your caravan, whether you are there or not, you will have what you need to hand. Read the policy carefully before you get in touch to ensure that you are covered for what you are making a claim for. Remember that general wear and tear and maintenance are not covered, nor are certain types of damage where the owner hasn't taken necessary steps to prevent them.

Criminal Damage

When there has been a crime committed in relation to your caravan (such as theft or criminal damage by a trespasser), then you should always call the police first. They will give you a crime reference number - you'll need this when you make your claim.

Making the Claim

As soon as possible, you need to contact the insurance company to start the claim. Those with an insurance policy from NACO can phone our dedicated claims line on 01255 820 321. This number is manned during normal office hours. You will need your policy number, crime reference (if relevant) and details of what has happened. You will be asked to complete a claim form, which you can download from our website. Alternatively, one of our staff members can email this to you. When you fill out this form, you will need to be able to provide details of what has happened as well as details such as your park name and pitch number and the make and model of your caravan, so make sure you have these details to hand. You can even choose to print out a claim form when you take your policy out and keep it with the policy so that you have the form ready should you need it. You can then fax or post the form back to us or even scan and email it as an attachment. Your park owners should be able to help with this and may be able to fax it over for you so it reaches us quicker. Your claim form will ask for details of the cost of repairs. If you haven't managed to get these quotes yet, then still send the form but note that estimates will follow. If necessary, one of our representatives will come and make a visit to your caravan as soon as possible to assess the damage/incident.

Being prepared by keeping paperwork in one place is the easiest way to help your claim get processed more effectively. If you have any questions about making a claim or wish to make one, then please call a member of our staff on 01255 820 321 today.