How to Assess the Best Quote for Static Caravan Insurance

Posted 2 November by Steve Dart

Owning a static caravan provides the freedom and comfort to always enjoy a home from home environment in an established location that you know, understand and love. A static caravan is also a significant investment, especially when you consider all the personal items you will keep within in order to make sure it is personalised to your liking. It is therefore vital that this valuable asset is adequately protected in case the worst should ever happen.

Protecting your caravan is extremely important, and so that makes finding a trustworthy static caravan insurance quote essential to preserve your property and enjoy the peace of mind that accompanies knowing such a meaningful part of your life is taken care of, no matter what happens. Keeping a few factors in mind will help you to identify a great insurance opportunity.

Range of Services

It always pays to compare when looking for a static caravan insurance quote. A reliable company should have a website where you can complete a straightforward form and get a static caravan insurance quote immediately. Once you have this, the quote should be good for at least 30 days, and if you are satisfied with the result, you should be able to pay for the insurance immediately via a secure payment system such as SagePay. The required paperwork should be emailed to you as soon as the payment is processed.

Do be careful of insurance websites that do not offer secure payments, and those that do not allow you to change or review your quote in any way. A reputable site will also offer the option of an expert team of advisors who can take your calls and clarify any issues for you that need attention. A trustworthy site will display their full credentials for offering good deals on static caravan insurance.

Important Facts

When you search for a quote, you will need certain items of information such as what type of caravan you have, how old it is, and what its contents are worth. The fact that the caravan is static and not being towed around is also significant.

Static caravans are in a different category, as they are generally larger and offer more comfort than the type which go touring. A top quote for insurance of a static caravan should include compensation for theft, damage by storms, and damage from fire. Your policy should cover public liability and accidental damage as standard. The excess should be as low as possible, and there should also be provision for ruined food if electricity for the freezer is compromised.

Value is not just about price. Good insurance covers a range of outcomes, and will deliver great customer service when there is a problem. Take the time to establish the credibility of your insurer to avoid any potential problems later.