Gain your Static Caravan Insurance Quote today

Posted 14 December by Steve Dart

Holidaying in a static caravan can be a wonderful way to get away and relax, of course there are risks associated with owning one - as there is in owning any property - owners should therefore make sure they're covered against any eventuality.

Static caravan insurance differs from touring caravan insurance because there is no need to take out cover for breakdowns. There will be universal risk however, like break-ins and accidental damage, and cover for content, so make sure your static caravan insurance quote covers all the essentials.

I don't need insurance

Of course you do! If only we knew when things would go wrong. The potential problems for a static caravan are quite akin to the risks for your permanent residence; pipes might burst, there might be break-ins, and fires could happen. You could sit around worrying about what might happen, or you could take out adequate insurance and give yourself peace of mind.


There are lots of different options available, depending on how you use your static caravan. If it will be empty for much of the year, you'll need unoccupied cover. That will insure your contents when there is no-one at home, whether that is yourself, or friends and family, and even paying guests.

Accidental damage cover is essential to cover you and your property against scrapes and dents or damage to the exterior caused by storms and extreme weather.

Of course, not all damage is accidental, so you might want to consider cover against malicious damage such as break-ins or vandalism. Depending on the area where your caravan is in situ, you might want to consider cover against flooding, too.

Cost of Cover

How much you spend on your insurance will depend on various factors, not least the value of your caravan. Other factors that influence the premium will include where the caravan is, how often you visit, and how secure it is.

As with any other policy, when you get a static caravan insurance quote, you'll have the option to pay for the whole policy in a lump sum, or monthly via direct debit. Paying an annual sum is likely to offer a cost saving.

Make a Saving

Other than paying upfront for the whole year, there are other ways of reducing the cost of your premium. Raise your excess and you will probably reduce your monthly payments, although many would consider that a risky way of saving some cash, because in the event of a claim, you'll need to fork out a higher sum.

Shop around and see what different providers can offer you. Compare the levels of cover, the excess, the monthly payments etc., and make an informed decision about which is the best policy for your holiday home.

Shop Online

Shopping around for a deal is easy online. You have instant access to quotes, you have time to compare, and there is no-one to pressure you. Even if pressurising isn't the intention, speaking to a 'real person' can cause unease for some people, so take your time and shop online.

With an online account, you'll have instant access to your documentation via email, and cover starts immediately, too.

Having insurance shouldn't mean you absolve yourself of all responsibility. Make sure you keep your possessions and the caravan in a good, safe condition.