FAQs about Insurance for Static Caravans

Posted 14 August by Steve Dart

Choosing the right insurance for your static caravan is important for peace of mind. A static caravan is a valuable asset and needs to be protected, just like any other valuable possession such as a house, car or boat. Look carefully at the policy before committing yourself, so that you can be sure that it not only meets your needs, but is also suitable for the stipulations made by the site.

Do I really need static caravan insurance?

Unlike motor vehicles, it's not a legal requirement to insure your static caravan. However, most caravan and holiday parks will require that it's insured, and the protection afforded by appropriate insurance also makes sense on a personal level. You should make a note of what cover you require and select a policy that meets both your needs and the stipulations made by the park where it is sited. Although cheaper insurance for static caravans may be easy to find, it may not provide all the necessary cover.

Should I choose new for old or market value insurance?

Think about the level of cover you require. New for old, or reinstatement cover will pay out the cost of replacing your static caravan with a brand new equivalent if it is lost altogether. Naturally, this will attract a higher premium than market value cover, which should provide sufficient funds to replace your static caravan with one of an equivalent type and age.

What should the insurance cover?

Your holiday park may have specific requirements, but you should ensure the costs associated with clearance and resiting such as debris removal, services disconnection and reconnection, pitch reinstatement and delivery are covered. These costs can vary from site to site. Also consider whether accidental damage and flood damage are included as standard, in addition to the fire, theft and storm damage. You will also need public liability insurance, with normally a minimum of £2,000,000 of cover, and cover for other items such as locks and keys, and possibly computers or freezer food. Don’t forget protection against damage caused by vermin. If you have specific personal requirements, ensure that these can also be included in the policy.

Should I choose park home insurance or holiday home insurance?

The type of policy you choose depends on how you use your static caravan. If it is used as your main residence, then you will need insurance for static caravans that is similar to a household policy, with exclusions for theft or malicious damage when it is unoccupied. Most people will opt for holiday home insurance, which includes cover for holiday usage, as well as cover when the static caravan is not being used.

Why is static caravan insurance so expensive?

The cost of insuring your static caravan can be higher than that of insuring your house. Essentially, this is due to the higher risk associated with a non permanent structure, compared with a permanent one.

Identifying your specific insurance needs, taking into consideration all site and personal requirements, is the first step towards finding the right policy for your static caravan.